Agenda pm owners

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  1. I have fallen in LVoe with two agenda's & honestly cannot decide :thinking:

    I love everything about them, and how versatile they can be so I know I will get lots of use out of them, for those of you who own them would it make sense to get two? or should I just stick to one?

  2. I have 5 PM Agendas and love them all! I rotate them and use some for wallets:smile:
  3. I only have 1 and wouldn't have use for more than one. That being said, I only use one wallet at a time but I still have more than one. Nothing wrong with rotating them.
  4. I do have one and do not plan to buy more in near future. I use it as a planner and it seems to me like too much work to get all the papers in and out all the time. However if you are thinking of using them as wallets, passport covers etc, than you might find having multiple quite functional. Good like deciding and please share your purchase!
  5. i'd get 2 - one for agending and one for a wallet/passport cover etc. then can use the 2 for 2 diff things ^_^
  6. I decided to get the second agenda, when I was younger I used a non LV agenda as a wallet & loved it. I figured I can use one as a wallet/Agenda when wanting to give my other wallets a break & just switch them up for fun once in a while ;)

    Thank each & everyone of you, I'm now a proud owner of two small agenda's! :yahoo:
  7. Good for you! Do you care to share a pic or two? :smile:
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  9. Thanks guys! I only have one, when I get my second one in I will share a pic of them with you guys ;)
  10. Great choice, Congrats!!:smile:
  11. Hey guys! As promised I wanted to share with you my two Like new condition LE small agenda's, I'm very excited & again thank you all for helping me justify a 2nd, haha

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  12. both are so nice -- congrats on these special LE agendas!!
  13. Thank you! :biggrin:
  14. I use 2 daily, I am sure you will enjoy them both
  15. I have 3 Pm Agendas and I rotate them :smile:

    Monogram - Damier Ebene and Monogram Vernis in Pomme D'amour :smile: