1. I'm loving the Legacy Stripe Agenda but I'm having a hard time justifying purchasing one for the price... :s
    Maybe during PCE.

    Anyway, how do you like your planner and would you recommend the 6x8 or 4x7?
    Btw, has anyone spotted any nice ones in outlets?
    TIA! :heart:
  2. I've got the 4x7 Legacy Stripe Agenda and I LOVE it! (I use mine every day). Of course if you don't NEED to use it on a daily basis, then it may be quite an expensive purchase. I prefer the 4x7 size vs. the 6x8 size since the 6x8 size can be quite heavy, unless you don't mind the weight. Good luck on your decision!
  3. I have the 6X8 tattersall and I use it EVERY day! I love the size, because I write big! Aaand, I'm so technology challenged that I just couldn't figure out my blackberry. It works great for me.. and, it's super cute! :love:

    Oh yeah, and you can get refills for it, so it's not like you will have to buy a new one each year.

  4. I have a 6x8 and I love it!! I write a LOT in my planners (lists, hours worked on projects, lots of deadlines, etc.) so I need the extra room a 6x8 provides. The 4x7 was just a bit too small for me.

    I love the Legacy Stripe agenda too, but I was too worried about the fabric holding up well over time at the price. That's why I got a leather one.
  5. I used to use the 6x8 Planner, but found I didn't need quite that much room and I wanted to have it in my bag without it taking up a ton of room. I switched to the 4x7 and it's perfect. I use it everyday. The other thing I really like about Coach Planners is that the calendar starts in September and goes through December of the next year. This way, I can write in my daughter's school schedule when it comes home in September. Keeps the entire school year on one calendar. I think it's worth the price if you use it alot. I just found a pink 4x7 leather one today at Loehmann's and it was $74.16 with tax! They also had 2 6x8 Planners in blue and I think they were $129.00.
  6. I have the 3x5 and LOVE it. I can put it in any bag (big or small) and there is more than enough room to write my appointments. The first part of the calendar is a monthly calendar (takes two pages per month) then after that is a weekly calendar (two pages per week). Like I said, plenty of room to write.
  7. I bought a 4x7 punch turnlock agenda at the outlet- love it. I can't live without a planner! I wanted the 6x8 but since I NEED to have it every day I wanted to make sure I'd always be able to fit it in my bag.
  8. I have a 6x8 in Tattersall and I love it, most of my bags are bigger so it fits just fine, though I know it won't fit in my Legacy Shoulder bag so I'll have to figure it out. I don't use the address book so I took that out and it's a bit lighter. I like to have a lot of room to write and I have a couple jobs so it comes in handy for keeping track of things.
  9. I was in the same agenda delima as you... but I decided to go with the 6x8 punch, I am in love :heart:!

    With the new role in my company I needed an agenda, and because I am more of a visual/creative type, a palm or blackberry just won't do (I need to draw and doodle and sketch!). AND, I write HUGE, so a 6x8 is perfect for me. Also, it looks so sweet tucked under my arm when I rush from meeting to meeting, kwim ;)

    During the week I carry my biggest bags to hold it in, but the 6x8 does fit in my Legacy Shoulder perfectly... see here...

    But, it is kinda on the heavy side, so I took out the address book.

    Good luck on your purchase!
  10. I love my 4x7 agenda in punch! I also have a khaki/rose signature agenda in the 6x8 size! I know I am alittle crazy! I twnd to use the 4x7 one more because it will fit into all of my bags.
  11. yes, I'm off subject here... but I just love seeing your chocolate-brown girl! Makes me smile every time!
  12. Aww thank you! I love her too! She loves to sit in our chairs even when we are already sitting in them! She is one of those big dogs that things she is a little lap dog!!
  13. I have a 3x5 that i use every day (turnlock in punch).. I really love it, but I would probably recommend the 4x7
  14. I have a signature striped 4 x 7 in crimson. I got it about 3 months ago at the outlet for like 60 bucks!!:wlae:
  15. Seeing your pics in the legacy shoulder bag were what totally sold me on the 6x8!! I knew I wanted the big one, but I was worried about bag size. Mine fits in all but my small Hamptons hobo. So I guess I have you to thank, and now we're planner twins! ;) Hopefully soon I'll have a Legacy shoulder bag to put mine in as well.