agenda/ planner lovers:: how many do you have??

  1. agenda/ planner lovers:: how many do you have??

    i love them so much that I have 5.

    I have 3 coach ones (black, white, pink).. i may return the white or pink one).

    and then I have a red Kate Spade one.

    and i have another one I got from Korea that's black and it's classy.

    Am I going overboard?

    I do use them though.

    I like agendas/ planners because I can put so many items inside
  2. I don't have any but I really do need one (or two).
  3. I also need one, trying to decide if it might be the time to finally purchase something friend has the orange epi mini one and it's so cute!
    I have a black leather one that has a really obscure refill that's impossible to find. And of course officially my Blackberry is supposed to fill that need - maybe my husband won't be so agreeable to the LV after all...
  4. I am in love with planners of all sorts, but sadly, I now use a Palm and Blackberry, because I have to update addresses and entries so frequently, and couldn't fit all the info into a planner/agenda.
  5. I have one Coach agenda that I use everyday. It is pink and orange leather that matches nothing I own. It's my little splash of color since most of my wardrobe is Black, White, Gray, and brown. :smile:
  6. I have one pink turnlock agenda from coach. I love it because my whole life is organized in there, and it is not too large so it is easy to carry around. I always wanted a black denim one from LV, but it would break my heart not to use my pink one.....:confused1:
  7. I have one plum and one black leather from daytimer and my favorite one Monogram small ring agenda from LV.
  8. I love Franklin Covey planners and I have one that i stuff to the gills with stuff. Sadly, it hasn't been used much lately. Blackberry is the way I have been going lately.
  9. I only have 1 - my LV monogram small ring agenda that I would only replace with another LV small ring agenda - next time it's epi! But mine still looks brand new so it'll probably be years b4 I replace it..... this is good & bad!
  10. I have one - an LV personal agenda that I purchased in 2003. It's been enough for me. Then again, I also have a Blackberry that I use to keep track on contacts. But, I don't think I could ever give up a regular agenda...something about writing things down that helps me commit things to memory a lot better.
  11. I used to have an LV one but then I switched and got one of those like agenda books instead of a planner. But I miss my's true you can fit a lot of stuff inside.
  12. I have 2. They're both LV Small Vernis Ring Agendas. I use one as a regular agenda and one as an address book.
  13. Only one Filofax agenda.
  14. I have been thinking about getting a LV one. About how big are the small ones? I really like the look of the multicolor ones or a daimer. So far I have been using the 3.99 ones from my college bookstore LMAO!