Agenda/Planner????? HELP

  1. HELP ME!

    I am looking for an Agenda/Planner.
    2007 attempting to get my life all down
    in one book.

    I have not used a planner since 90's
    Can you all tell me what you have used
    and what works. Phost any photos you have.

    Note: must have a calander, (and have great style) :yes:
  2. I have the Chanel Cambon Beige agenda. Usually when you get refills they offer all types: address refill, calender refill, weekly refills, note refills, and so on. You can just purchase whats best for you...

    I also had the LV one same size (small) but I gave that to my fiance. The difference between the two is that the Chanel has a larger pen holder. The LV on has a really skinny pen holder, and I noticed only the pen they sell works well with it. But I don't know if this holds true for LV's larger size agendas.


  3. LV makes an agenda as well....
    I buy a planner every year from the local card store, it costs one dollar....
    It's compact and light, I don't want a heavy bulky planner weighing down my bag, I have enough stuff in there already!!
    I used to have a palm pilot, but that didn't last long, too much work involved with charging the battery....
  4. People around here love their Chanel, Hermes and LV ones. Hermes does lovely exotic skins, Chanel has ones that match their lines, and LV Vernis agendas are a personal fave :love:
  5. Depends on your price point, if you want a top of the line one all of the above mentioned are gorgeous. I'm a mom, and after dozens of tries the one I love the absolute best is MomAgenda (space for you and kids schedules); if no kids, they make one called My Agenda that is simpler. I love them; if interested is the website and they have samples.
  6. I have a Coach planner, leather and black. My boyfriend's idea.
  7. LOL So many times I have come so close to starting this exact thread!

    I have resolved to become Organized, which is not compatible with my philosophy of setting achievable realistic goals, so of course it is not happening, even though I bought beautiful tiny star stickers, and other ones to embellish the notebooks, but the craft community is silent on the subject of how one would seal stickers once they are stuck to the Premium Quality Vinyl notebooks.

    My issue has to do with the insides. I have yet to find one that will let me take care of everything inside just one cover.

    I need a work one, which to begin with is a challenge, because there is not really a time-sheet/invoice type insert, and you have to make do with what there is, which usually means that you have to do hours for each project in one notebook, and then expenses and invoice toting up in another notebook.

    I also need one for medications and doctors, etc, and only that, yet cross-referenceable on some sort of master calendar.

    And then I need the personal kind that everybody needs, just for the exigencies and flotsam and jetsam of everyday life.

    To make it even harder, I am anti-ring, and although it is not like there are any ring guts that meet my needs, it's not easy being on Team Spiral.

    The one thing I can contribute is that if you want to gild the page edges, and I cannot imagine why you would not, the best thing to use is Krylon 18K Leafing Pen.
  8. I just bought an LV agenda for the same reason! I haven't received it yet, but I did buy calender inserts from Filofax Official Website, Filo Fax, Filofax Online, Filofax Country Selector. I also got the LV notepaper, so I will have a calender and a place for notes. I like the calender insert that Filofax had that shows one week displayed on two pages. That way I can open the agenda and see what I have on any given week. I almost bought a Coach agenda, I like them too. In the end though, the LV went better with my bags that I use daily. Good luck finding a good one!
  9. I have a small LV agenda and love it. I can't imagine not having it at this point.
  10. Thanks All, will try to make a decision by the end of the week.

  11. Thanks for great photo
  12. I use the LV Small Agenda Planner in Framboise. It is really pretty and fits in my bags. Prior to this I was a PDA gal.
  13. Oh agendas! I have a LV small agenda, and I think it is perfect! LV also has the refills and they come in different sizes! There's a lot of info on the LV forum.
  14. I have tried the palm thing, but i like to doodle so a planner works better for me.
    I have an lv small agenda and it works great.

    I have enough room for writing down appt's for the kids and stuff like that, I dont use it to keep numbers/address' in though. The agenda I have is too small for that, I think you'd have to move up to the medium agenda.
  15. love my LV agenda!! (that ladys chanel is totally tdf!!!!!)