Agenda Pen???

  1. Ladies and Gents,

    I just got a Damier agenda pm and i am having a difficault time finding a pen that fits in the loop. Nay suggestions???:confused1:
  2. if you do a search, there are several threads about this.
  3. I use tiffany pens.

    But I like those LV pens why not get one of those? the colors are sooo cute
  4. I like the nails pens, too. $230 is just a lot of money for a pen IMO. I might break down and get one though for my MC agenda :\
  5. i have pink nail pen....but i hardly ever use it!! it's more like a decor than anything else.... :heart:

    when i was on the plane, a guy next me asked me if he can borrow my pen to fill out custom's form:sweatdrop: ..... i couldn't say NO because it's *Louis Vuitton*..... i smiled and said sure and handed my *LV*pen, i couldn't take my eyes off of it and i had to wipe his sweat off after.....:yucky: :roflmfao:

    it's always with my one of agendas, but i use different pens that are around!! no, sorry, you can't borrow my pen!:roflmfao:
  6. LOL! I would never let a stranger touch my LV! the University bookstore, the cashier guy asked to see my ID, and I was lazy to take it out of my credit card holder, so I pivoted the card out of the holder and held it out for him to see...As if he can't recognize the person in my ID picture, he took my whole credit card holder away from me to see my student ID up close. I was like Nooooo be carefulllll on the inside.
  7. Hi Everyone so I just got the med size agenda today. What pen do you think I should get for it? TIA
  8. i agree that although the nail pens are cute I would NEVER spend that kind of money for a pen. The Tiffany pens are cute and I think I will check out the Walkie pens too. Looks like homegirl is going shopping tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to Copley so I can go to Barneys, Tiffany, and then LV teehee!!!