Agenda pen fix...

  1. :idea: I was thinking about a pen for the agenda. I didn't want to buy another because I have a Montblanc. I also had an older gold Cross that my dear MIL had given me many years ago but it is still very nice. (Take good care of things) So...I tried to weasel it into the pen holder but the fit was too tight. Then I noticed the credit card slots in the front. Aha!! My pen has a clip which I slid into the top slot after inserting the pen itself into the bottom slot. Result? The pen is firmly in and won't fall out and I have a lovely gold pen to write with! Necessity truly is the mother of invention!!:yahoo:

    If you want to look further
  2. Hey good fix! I just got an agenda & don't have a pen that fits the pen holder. :nuts:

    I love pens, though thankfully that hasn't turned into an addiction...yet!

    I did splurge once for a beautiful cartier pen that matched an MJ purse I have....

    ...but I have yet to see an LV pen that calls to right now, cartier pen rides in the patch pocket of my purses... :roflmfao:
  3. I have a tiny gold pen that I'm determined is going to fit into the loop of my groom agenda. Just have to push it a little farther every day & I think it'll work one day soon!:smile: