Agenda Partenaire Monogram... What is this?

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  1. Hi, I saw this in another this a new pattern of mono for LV ? Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Pics? What thread, the new Fall lines one? :confused1:
  3. hmmm...I think I saw a small pic of this in the to be released items for Nov.
    I have no idea what it is.
  4. If anyone has info it would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Is this the agenda/wallet that came out this week? It's an agenda sized between mini and PM, and it has an extra flap at the end that has credit card slots and a paper holder, and has a snap button closure. The agenda part has a zip around it, and holds a mini agenda insert and also has credit card slots. Like a smaller version of the zipped walled with ID holder. Not sure if this is it or not!
  6. ^ it's also marketed as suitable for PDA, blackberry etc.
  7. I think the OP is talking about the Agenda Partenaire (available in monogram, Suhali, and Mini Lin Croisette) from the November releases lookbook page
  8. I inquired about this item. It is a SUHALI agenda, in GOLD. I am told it will only be released to the larger LV stores, not all stores will be carrying this in November. It will be released to stores that will have the limited suhali metallic lockits available in November.
  9. ^ ahhh...makes sense...that's when the silver/gold Suhali zippy wallets come out too...although it does say that it's being released in monogram and Mini Lin Croisette though...
  10. Wow, that's awesome. I wish I had waited on buying an agenda. I would love it in gold Suhali.