Agenda Owners: LV or Filofax?


What agenda inserts do you use?

  1. LV

  2. Filofax (or other)

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  1. What inserts do you use for your LV agenda? (Filofax includes any other inexpensive inserts)

    For me, the LV inserts are part of what makes my agenda special- plus, it's the chepest per-use item you coulde ever buy from LV! My quarterly inserts for my small agenda only cost about $0.16 per day :idea:
  2. LV inserts for my Damier agenda - the gold edges looks lovely against the gold rings and snap closure!
  3. I find that a LV agenda is not "complete" if there's no LV ya, I use LV refills
  4. LV refills for me too
  5. So far I only have LV infills but I would love a pomme agenda to use as a wallet/diary with filofax inserts like people have posted. The only reason I haven't tried the filofax inserts is I don't have a store anywhere near that sells them so I can check the sizes.:sad:
  6. Filofax or Hello Kitty for me.
  7. I would use LV if they had day-to-a-page inserts for the small agenda refills. But I have only seen week-on-two-pages for LV. Because I need more room to write, I use Filofax.
  8. :yes: :yes: :yes: I agree!!!
  9. Only LV! I love it! I like many things about it, the ads, the french, the wine guide and the stickers and the design and the gold etc etc And like you mentioned it's not really expensive either.
  10. they do have day to a page- i have them- you have to call and ask. coach also has them, but at the rec. of a pfer, i tried the lv ones and i will not go back. i def. prefer the lv inserts to coach! if i get a chance i'll post pics later.
  11. I use LV ones. I think for next year I'm going to look for some cute ones maybe the hello kitty ones.
  12. Oooh!! I wonder if my SA could order them for me the next time I am in the store...? Because really that was the main thing that put me off before. I love the cream paper and gold edge!
  13. here's the lv day on a page: [​IMG]

    and the coach:

  14. I use Filofax for my GM since I like a month at a glance and LV doesn't make them.
  15. Filofax, I got things like a CC holder and a little zippy pouch from them for it too, what type of paper just doesn't really matter for me LOL