Agenda owners/experts please help...

  1. I've been searching the site for answers prior to my purchase and most of my questions have been resolved - am considering a MM agenda - but I will stop at the store for final decision to see the sizes in person. The MM size is closer to my daytimer brand agenda that I wll be replacing...There seems to be more style color choices in PM but I'm afraid it may be too small

    Anyway. in reading the posts I am a bit confused on these points...
    1 - In addition to the actual agenda sizes - are there two different size rings inside OR is it one ring size for the small (PM) and one ring size for the medium (about 1")?

    2 -The address book (LV brand) is it strictly the little bound book to slip into the back pocket or are there also tabbed pages for inserting on the rings. My current agenda has address pages that slip onto rings and I like it - I can insert more if necesary and only replace selected pages rather than redo an entire book. Or if I want this option will have to go with third party refills (filofax etc)

    3- Does the Suhali come in Medium? The vernis? If I want color will it have to be epi?

    4- With the new epi color coming out in February do they usually also do an agenda right away in the new color?

    5- Is it true that the koala only came on the PM size? Did the epi ever come with the koala latch?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. I have both the PM and MM sized agendas. I prefer the MM for work because it is roomy and allows for many more pages to be put inside. The small one can be awkward simply because it is small and I cannot fit all the pages for the 1-day per page refills inside at one time.

    To answer your questions...

    1. The ring sizes are different. Bigger rings for the bigger agendas. Both the PM and MM have six rings, though.
    2. I haven't purchased the LV refills for the MM but for the PM, the address book does not have holes or tabs in it.
    3. Only Epi, Mono, and Damier Azur and Ebene comes in MM. It's a shame because I'd love a vernis in MM.
    4. Sometimes, I'm not sure what it depends on, though. The ivory agendas did not seem to be out right away, but they might have been and I just didn't notice them...
    5. Koalas only came in PM size. No, Epi did not have the koala latch (as far as I know).

    Take a look at and to see pictures of the agendas.
  3. I have the mono koala PM agenda with the rose interior. I bought filofax address pages which I put behind my LV agenda refill, which are tabbed and really nice. It all fits in just fine.

    Their agendas are just beautiful!
  4. Just to add... there is an address book that is tabbed to put on the rings. I used to have one. It's on the LV site too, if you want to take a look at it.