May 5, 2006
hello ladies
need advice for my organizer purchase
i have one right now and i love it but the refill is kind of pricy
i am thinking of switching to Hermes's agenda or organizer
anyone has any idea how much they are? as well as the refill?
my current orginizer refill is about $150 and i don't know if itz a reasonable price
should i just change a new organizer or stick with the old one?
many thanks
Sorry for hijacking, has anyone seen any vision with zip agenda in black box?
I just want to know if I am dreaming something that it's impossible to have.

j999, I can honestly tell you H agendas are expensive. about as much as yours or a little bit more, but I don't know the exact prices. You have to consider that you'll have to buy the leather cover as well.
thanks for replying to a newbieeee~;)
i'm looking for pocket size agenda
after thinking, i decide to keep my old one
but i STILL want a hermes agenda sometime in the future

i checked at goyard today and it's 580 something and 100 more for monogram.not bad isn't it?:nuts:
There's a leather cover for the H agenda? I have the largest one and asked my SA about protecting it and she gave me a dustbag but didn't mention a leather cover. That would be great. I did get the $200 little pen, though.
Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie wanting a large agenda (for Semanier size refills). Haven't really been able to find what I want online so I am going to make my first trip to Hermes in NYC. I would like an exotic. I can be hard on my stuff so Lizard is probably not a good idea. Any suggestions and what price should I expect to pay? Are all the colors available for agendas?

Thanks and this site is great!