Agenda Newbie

  1. Hi everyone! After putting off buying the agenda for years, I've finally decided to get one.. I've been doing lots of research on this forum, but I still have a few (okay, probably a LOT of) questions, if you don't mind :shame:

    First, the size-- I like the way the small agenda looks, and I definitely have more choices as far as style goes, but I'm really trying to figure out if it will fit my life. I'm a student and want to use this for assignments/meetings/contacts/lists/notes, but the rings in the small seem too small... how many sheets can it really hold? I'll probably use the monthly sheets + 1 week/2 pages or 1 week/page + notes + contacts-- will I be able to have all that in there without the agenda looking bloated? It will pretty much be my life (except I don't really plan on using it as my main wallet). Am I better off getting the medium? Is that one huuugee? I know its dimensions but somehow just can't picture it realistically..

    Secondly, I'm choosing between the Damier Canvas and the Azur because I love them both! I'm more drawn to the Azur because I tend to like light colors, but is that one too springy, too cutesy? I want something that's sophisticated/classy and versatile, and I'm afraid the Azur is "too fun" (if that's even possible)--I don't mean any offense because I do love the Azur! I just want to make sure this agenda is something I can carry for years, nothing too seasonal or trendy.

    Okay, that was a lot of questions :s (sorry!), but I'd appreciate any answers or suggestions you have! Thanks guys--you rock!
  2. I think the medium agenda would be best for a stutent.
  3. Yup i would think medium size suits a student more :yes:
  4. i love my medium regular damier
  5. Yup, I vote medium agenda in damier. but I LOVE the look of the large in damier! soooooooooo pretty!
  6. The medium is great, fits well in any of my bags and works double duty as a wallet for all those cards I don't need daily. As for pages, I like month calendar view plus blank lined pages for lists & notes - that way it doesn't get too fat! I use another book for more extensive notes and keep that book in my work bag.

    There are so many choices of LV agendas, but I ended up choosing the :heart:Black MC:heart: - love her!

    Then the next dilemma is the pen...the loop is tiny and of course the best fit is the really expensive LV Pen. Had to have that too:love: in gold. The pen was really hard to photograph with my crappy camera!

    Good luck!
    IMG_0600.jpg IMG_0603.jpg IMG_0610.jpg
  7. hum, I personally it really depends on how much you tend to write. I have my small ring (same size as brunettetiger) red epi agenda for about 3 years and its the right size for me. Im also a student but the agenda paper with 1 week on 2 pages is enough space for me to write down all my hw, plans, etc.

    if you plan to get the 1 week over 2 pages sheets, you can fit all the sheets as well as the montly calender, note paper and address book. (never get any sheets that are one day per page! all the pages will not fit into the agenda)

    and yes, if you are to get a lv agenda, you have to get the pen! it is expensive, but they sell ink refills for them!
  8. I'm a student too and I got the small agenda first and thought it was way to small to write in for everyday things (class assignments and what not) so I got the medium and its pretty perfect and it can fit A LOT!!!!!

    So the medium in the damier would be really nice (they don't make it in the damier azur for the medium unfortunately but the damier in the medium is really nice!)

    Heres a picture of my medium agenda compared to a speedy 30 and some other stuff in my bag... maybe it can give you an idea how big it is!

  9. Hi everybody! Thanks for all your answers/input--I really appreciate it!

    FijiBuni- I'm pretty sure they have the Damier Azur MM Agenda, in case you were looking for it ;) Do you prefer the Azur over the Ebene?
  10. ^ O I didn't even realize that! LOL! I just checked the LV websites... thats a shame I really love the azur its really cute!
  11. brunettetiger- awesome agenda! I love your pen as well :yes: oh louis, must tempt us with everything in life!

    biochick- thanks for the details on the paper, quite helpful for my decision-making!
  12. I've used several agendas over the years. I'm always drawn to the small, because it fits into my purse easily, but I use the refills that have a day per page and you can't really keep the entire year in there (I'd have to replace per quarter). The medium agenda sounds like a good choice for you, though I have to share that this year I used the desk agenda (I personally like the Taiga leather, even if it is a "men's" item) and it's been the best one so far for me. I have enough space for everything, and it fits in my speedy 30 without a problem.