Agenda Multicolor white PICS!!

  1. Hey guys, here's some pictures of my lovely agenda that my hubby gave me!:heart:
    I already have the medium monogram agenda but he knew that i've been wanting a smaller one :smile:

    The only thing that i noticed is that the sales lady here didn't put it in the box, only in dustbag. What do you guys think? Shall i go back and ask for the box or it doesn't it normally come with the box?
    17062007612.jpg 17062007613.jpg 17062007614.jpg 17062007615.jpg
  2. It's lovely. I only have the mono agenda but mine came with a box. it can't hurt to ask
  3. It should come in box too! Congrats! It's great!
  4. Love your agenda congrats!!!
    Yes it should have come with a box, mine did! Go back and ask for one! xx
  5. Lovely agenda - congratulations!
  6. It's so pretty! Congrats.
  7. v pretty!! congrats!!
  8. its beautiful!! congrats!



  9. congrats
  10. Congrats!
  11. It's so pretty! I personally wouldn't go back to ask for a box, since I'm sure you'll be using this beauty all of the time. But if it's really important to you ask. Congrats!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Lovely! I am considering getting one of these too. I love the white MC!
  14. ohhh so pretty and clean looking lol. my porte velours didn't come with a box, but i don't really mind that much. if you fee like you want it for storage or just for yourself i'm sure they wouldn't mind giving you one. you pay so much for an lv, the least they can do is give you a nice box to put it in. :smile: enjoy the agenda. my damier one should be arriving tomorrow!
  15. congrats!