Agenda mm faulty/help

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  1. Some of you may know I recently uploaded my LV haul in which I showed my agenda mm in MC.

    I have just noticed that the rings especially the 6th ring in the agenda does not close properly. I have rung the store but they have no more in stock. I am a bit annoyed as this is a £350 agenda cover. To me this is faulty, please see photos and advise what you guys think. Sorry about the pic layout. Hope you can see.

    To Agenda MM owners, is this normal?


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  3. I have a PM but this is the same closure. For me your rings do not annoy me at all. But I can see what you meen but I don't think that it is really possible to get 100% closed rings. Maybe someone else has the answer
  4. I'm sorry, I'm not seeing any issue. That's exactly what mine looks like.
  5. Lsdt one seems to be gapping a bit. I would perhaps exchange
  6. Go and compare it to others if you get chance. If you see a better one, exchange! I've not noticed it on my pm though.
  7. Thank You all. I am waiting for the store to ring me back. Its an hour drive away so will maybe go down on the weekend.
  8. I would extensively flip the pages and if it doesn't get stuck, I'd be ok with the tiny gap. If the pages get stuck inside, Mama very not okay.
  9. Just double checked and mine doesn't have it? So if you get chance to exchange I would. It's a pain to drive an hour but its worth getting something that you're happy with, good luck and keep us updated!
  10. the aganda had some issue with the ring clouser, though I don't think this is
    the case you can go and compare to a newer version in the store if
    you have one near you and ask about it