Agenda-LV or Hermes?

  1. I'm ditching the Sidekick/Dopod/Blackberry and going back to paper.

    Which agenda would you recommend? And would you also specify the model you prefer? Thanks.:confused1:
  2. I like the LV agenda in small or medium much better. I was actually at the Hermes store looking at their agendas. They don't have a latch that closes them. For me, anyway, I would have a problem with them coming open in my bag and constantly getting my pages wrinkled. The Hermes store in Charlotte didn't have a single agenda that had a snap closure. I need that for my agendas because I like to just throw them in my bag. The colors were pretty and the leather was nice, but I didn't find them functional.

  3. ITA- Hermes- not functional at all:yes:
  4. I thought there was an Hermes that zips. I'm going to check them all out. Thanks for your input.
  5. I have an LV medium agenda...I also looked at Hermes but was not impresssed. The ones that don't zip have these hooks for the books and don't really have pockets or latches and the one that zips (the one I looked at at least) was like $1,300.00...I'd rather have a bag for that. I love my LV agenda, it is so functional and has credit card slots and closes and has a pocket thing in the back. LV all the way!
  6. ITA, LV is much better...
    I love the small ring, for the occasional note, cute purse accessory...but for a real functional one, replacing a PDA I would go for at least a med.
  7. I'd go with LV too. While I do love my Hermes Ulysee notebook I'd choose LV for wallets/agendas because they are much more functional. :smile:
  8. get a vernis pomme agenda!!!!!!!!!
  9. Louis vuitton MC agenda!
  10. I think the koala rose agenda is sooo pretty! Or, you could go w/the mandarin, if you like that Hermes orange appeal....
  11. I like the louis vuitton one.
  12. For me I prefer LV. I never be a fan of Hermes and never will.
  13. LV..much more fun looking..
  14. LV vote here too... there's more of a variety. ;)
  15. LV! Koala Agendas are so Cute in both Damier(w/stunning red interior), and Mono(w/rose or orange), but if you rely on your agenda for everything, I'd suggest go w/Medium ring as it's more practical to write in.