Agenda in the Small Signature question!

  1. Hi! This is my fiest post on this board; I usually frequent the Louis board, but.....I am in the process of selling my LV agenda, and was going to buy a different LV agenda, but was at the Grove City, PA outlets, and fell in LOVE with the medium sized brown mini-sig agenda. It's so lovely! Annnnd, I bought it. Do I need to do anything special to care for it?

  2. Not that I know of... if you are back in there, the SAs there should be able to let you know of anything special you need to do... you might also check the FAQs to see if there is an answer there...

    Post pics when you can!! :yes:
  3. ^yeah, you can get the fabric cleaner...but the sig stuff is pretty darn durable- so you definately can USE it.
  4. ^ duh, i meant DURABLE not versatile. although, i guess it's both. :p
  5. I have used to take care of my things Dove soap and water. I was told by the SA to use that, and it always works well, though I have heard others have used baby wipes!