Agenda in Mandarin

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I always loved the mandarin colour and really want to get something in it before it is totally sold out.

    So I am thinking about an agenda...who knows which agendas came in the mandarin colour? (Not that I do not have already three in different sizes in monogram and one in the red vernis(so lovely), but anyway, I like the horizontal one the best but heard that this is discontinued...:confused1: can someone please tell me if this was made in mandarin?

    And, how is the mandarn in "real life"? Will it get dirty easily?

    Will look lovely with the Saleya I am going to buy soon:yes: thanks for all the help to decide on it!
  2. I just looked in the catalog, and this is what I found: Small ring binder organizer and pocket diary. These were the only two listed. Someone please correct me if I am worng. Good Luck

    Mandarin, in my opinion, is wonderful...
  3. I'm pretty sure it came in small, medium, mini, and pocket organizer...
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