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  1. I'm looking for a little variety as far as an agenda goes....I want the small, but am not sure what material....I want something that's going to last and I thought about mono but love the epi.....something that's different but I won't have to worry about 'using it'....(i.e. I can throw it in my bag without worry about scratches, or water marks etc....)

    any ideas?
  2. Hi leesh...I own both the Monogram and Damier pocket agenda cover and agenda and I LVoe it! I am an agenda freak and can not live without one and the size is perfect and slips right into my Naviglio and durability is great! Also another one you might like is the small ring agenda in epi leather which comes in red, black, and ivory I believe which is very classic looking...:yes: (you can see my pocket agenda through the links in my sig in case you want to see the pocket agendas)
  3. I love the denim agenda, especially the black one!! So cute!!!
  4. i personally love the vernis agenda! but if i had to choose between mono and epi i'd pick mono =)
  5. Me too, I have the black one and love it! To the OP - the denim is quite good because the brass clasp is antiquey looking - not super shiny - so you don't notice any scratches on it :biggrin: (And the black denim won't show up as many stains)
  6. I bought the vernis agenda violette!!!It is so cute!!!!
    But I think that I will buy any other fantasy :heart::heart:
  7. vernis! i have pomme and i looooooove it! still looks great,but i have only had it for just over a year
  8. yeah I thought the epi agenda in black would be a little boring, but am afraid the black and ivory will show major dirt.....:yucky: So i'm contemplating....hmmm
  9. I love the Vernis pieces. I am looking forward to getting the violet.
  10. if you don't want Vernis (durable than most people think, but of course canvas do outlast vernis in long run), Azur or Epi are great alternative to Damier/Mono. try to see if you can get a hold of Koala, they are simply tdf!
  11. I've been using the PM Agenda in Framboise Vernis for a year. It has some scratches on the exterior but I also have a lot of junk in my bag. It really adds a nice little shock of happy color to my bag. I think the Pomme one would be fabulous!!!
  12. I haven't been using my Vernis Amarante PM Agenda for very long, but I chose it over Mono/Damier/Azur/Epi as I love the colour. I also wanted something Vernis for a change, and I love how supple the leather is!

    You could go to your nearest store and have a look at the different ones - maybe there'll be one that will feel just right. ;)
  13. I have the Damier pocket agenda and I love it, it is the perfect size and tough!
  14. Vernis is definitely more durable than it looks, any of the canvas items do very well over time, and of course epi is practically indestructible ! I don't think you can really go wrong with any. :yes:
  15. I used to have a vernis agenda a LONG time ago, it was very durable. Now I use the MC agenda. Contrary to most people, I think vernis and MC are just as durable as mono. Actually in terms of the hardware, many mono pieces are actually LESS durable because they use a very light coating of brass which chips very easily compared to the shiny polished type of brass.
    The body the MC or vernis pieces are resistant to scratches too and I've never experienced fading or chipping of the MC canvas