Agenda help!

  1. Small or Medium?

    I imagine that when I get an agenda that I would have to write meticulously neatly, lol, so I think the medium would be more practical, but the small would probably be more convenient to carry around?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  2. I have been wondering the SAME small IS the small?
  3. depends on how much you're h going to have to write in it.
    it its just appt's you'll be ok with a small.
  4. I have the PM Mono ring Agenda and I find it is more then large enough for me to scribble appointments etc... But I like to keep things compact and portable. The small is a great size to fit most all of my purses!

    As an FYI: When there isn't enough room in the Calendar I also keep paper in the back of the calendar to write notes/lists etc...
  5. I love the small because i can stick it in my purse! But I want a large also to use as a desk agenda.
  6. I will check them out in RL...compared with a measuring tape to my Kate Spade one and the medium was about the same size..
  7. I'd go with the small, so you can stick it in your bag.
  8. Go with the small - it's perfect. And they're so pretty in your purse!
  9. I had the small size agendas and always found them ok to write in. I would just keep track of appts. and such and found it was enough room for that. If you have lots to keep track of though, it might be too small for you.
  10. I have the small one and I think it's the perfect size, and I carry it around everyday. I also use it as my wallet. I stick my CCs and cash in the pockets, and I attached a little zip-pouch (from filofax) for coins.
  11. I like the Small because its easier to carry around and it has more designs to choose from.

    However, if your going to be writing a LOT down then I'd get the Medium.
  12. i started with the mini many years ago, and have just bought a pm last week, i really like the size, and u can buy alot of accessories for it to make it evenmore functional. although, i could see myself potentially moving towards the mm one day.
  13. i have the small but at the moment, I think I'd be better off with the medium. I'm a university student with LOTS of meetings, appointments etc so the small is good but still a bit hard to use as the lines are kinda tiny. If you don't write a lot, then the smaller size should be fine :biggrin: