Agenda-Help me justify!

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  1. Went to look at agendas today--LV is $300-$500, but Hermes with zipper (don't know name) is @$1200. I really like the zipper, but don't know if I can justify the price difference. Especially since I may go back to a Blackberry-type device. Altho. I can use it as a wallet too...
    Help! :shrugs:
  2. Pro: The one with a zipper easily doubles as a wallet (I believe it's called Vision) whereas an actual Hermes wallet is about $2000!! Compared to that, the agenda is a steal!!

    Now go buy one!! :p:graucho:
  3. cant help you justify... just telling you you will not regret it... i really wanted the one you are talking about but wasnt patient enough to wait so i bought the large open one and i have to say i love it so much..go for it...:yahoo:
  4. asa: I have a couple mths old LV multicolore Agenda but I just bought a H GM agenda. I cannot resist it! I moved away from my PDA phone to a LV agenda and now H agenda.. I am doing it reverse from you ! :p So much for advice!
  5. The agenda with the zipper .... I am not absolutely sure if I got the name correct myself but I think it's called Agenda PM Zip, Agenda MM Zip, and Agenda GM, Zip. There is always a repertoire of colours/leathers in the showcase at my store. I like them because they are exactly like my Azap Long wallet. Haven't bought any yet though.
  6. i love love my azap too mrs s. it is fabulous.
    here i go again: when in doubt, or needing to nothing.
    i know, i know, simplicity can be very complicated!!!!!!:yahoo: :confused1: :shrugs: :shame: :idea:
  7. You won't regret it ^^ I just bought an agenda Friday, and I love mine! I wish I had gotten the zippered version (for the fact that it doubles as a wallet and it won't open in your bag) even more hah but I still love mine! I considered the LV agenda deal too, but I decided that if I wanted an agenda I'd be using for a number of years, the Hermes one was it ^_^
  8. Thank you, Rose!

    How does veau mirror compared to box calf for an agenda with zipper? Which is a better choice?
  9. I got the veau m and I love it! I don't have any thing in box (yet!) so I can't compare. I have been told that the veau m is like 'shiny' box.
  10. i have the zippered on in mysore and it is the one that is the exact size of a passport. it is wonderful and it has a place for 3 cc and cash and i used it as a wallet this whole trip. it also fits nicely in my zippered pockets of my pants when i am out without a bag. good luck. mine is red and i love it.
  11. The Vision II Zip fits a Blackberry, here is a link to pictures of funnyredhead's
  12. The Vision II is a great size; cost is justifiable because it does double as a wallet but if you carry a lot of change I'd get a separate coin purse for that purpose otherwise the agenda bulks up. If you need something larger there is also the Globetrotter Zip; my DH and I like it because you can also add in a blank book in addition to the calendar. It has quite a few slots for cards, a zip compartment and has a slot for post-its. Great if you travel because it can hold your passport and larger currency. I'll try and take a pic a little later.
  13. Glad to see this post as I'm trying to decide on an agenda too!!!
  14. I have the normal GM agenda in lizard and I LOVE IT so much!!! Surprisingly, even with all the action happening inside my purse, the lizard is holding up really well.

    I like that the H agendas are compact, but H can definitely improve with the refills of the address book! I hate it that each entry is not separated but rather it looks like a notebook just with a letter sticking at the side.