Agenda GM owners ...To keep or not?

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  1. Hi all!
    To make my story short... I called ny store today to order a GM in mono and to my surprise they have one in stock. They told me there are only 2 left in canada...

    I know they are hard to find so I asked my bro to pick it up for me since he works close to the store.

    While checking it home a few things bug me:
    - under the spot lights i can see the rings marks inside, is this normal for a new agenda?
    -the lv logos don't perfectly align on the button closure. I dont know if the agenda loaded up will "straighten " the logos to align?
    -the button closure doesnt clip tight, such as it is easy for me to open it but not loose enough to make it pop out tho.

    - ive searched the forum and apparently they should be made in spain but mine is mif
    - where is the date code?

    Since it is rare, i dont know if I should keep it or return it due to those ring marks and so...I thought new should not have those....i feel like mine got used and returned many times....

    I would love to get you guys inputs! Thanks!
  2. The date code should be under the back flap at the bottom. Mine is MIF too.
  3. As for keeping it or not... It's up to you and you are obviously bothered by a lot of details about it. Yes, it is difficult to come by this item, but if you don't love the one you found, you shouldn't keep it. I love mine and I wouldn't give it up!!
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  4. Rings marks are not normal for a new brand item. My button closure is still perfect after sooner 1 year to use it everyday. Mine is MIF too.
    It is up to you to keep it or not.
  5. It is very hard for me to understand the issue with the rings without a picture. I have a pm and don't remember what it was like in the beginning. The GM agenda is a wonderful piece that I intend to purchase at some point. Good luck with your decision.
  6. Here are the pics of the dents of the rings
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468675374.849850.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468675384.182800.jpg
  7. Fabuleux, now you making me worried... I cant find it at all [emoji45]
  8. Where did you buy this item? At the store?
    I will look at my agenda when I get to my office this afternoon.
  9. Yes directly from the store yesterday
  10. Those ring marks are normal.
  11. I just checked mine and the date code is indeed under the back flap/pocket at the bottom of the agenda. Mine was made in 2016 too, so yours should be the same.
  12. Is it on the one of the corners or in middle? I was looking with a mini led light but no luck...

    What are the chances that the store sell a fake one?! [emoji33]
  13. Zero chances. And counterfeiters are very savvy and often place date codes anyway!

    Look at the inside of the back cover of the agenda, the date code should be about 1/2 inch at the very bottom near the seam. It could be just imprinted or it could be imprinted with color like the made in france stamp on the front.

    It's small and hard to see.
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  14. Oh thanks Fabuleux! I found it , indeed so tiny! Mine was like yours except 12th week of 2016.

    Btw, did you have the rings marks when you just bought yours? Hows the button clossure? I dont know how to say it but when i open it, it so effortless... Makes me feel as if it is loose.

    Im thinking if the mm will be better for me. I only need an agenda to keep track of my housewife stuff, im not sure the gm is enough "mobile", but love the size tho.
  15. I love the GM because I scribble a lot but I found, as you said, it wasn't very "mobile", so I went back to the MM
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