Agenda dustbag?

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  1. DD wanted an LV agenda, our boutique did not have one in their stock but found her one at a different store. It was shipped to her, but the rings did not completely close, so we had to return. The defective one came in a dustbag, which we returned with the agenda.

    Our SA ordered a replacement, checked it when it arrived, and it was perfect. She heat stamped it and we picked it up this morning. Of course we examined the agenda and heat stamp at the boutique, my regular SA was not in yet because we went early. The SA took it to the back, brought us the bag, and we drove home. DD was so excited she didn't even notice, but I realized that when we unpacked it there was no dustbag, it was in the box wrapped in paper. Is this normal?

    I am really careful and always store my things in the dustbag, so it does bother me. The boutique is over an hour away, so we can't just run over and pick one up. Should I call my SA next week? Or just wait till the next time we are there, which may be several months, and ask her then?

    Or just not worry about it?
  2. Call I'm sure they will mail you one out. I think your chances are good.
  3. They will give you one if you ask for it. The agenda is not delivered to stores with a dust bag and most people don't care if they get one since the agenda is typically always in use (on your desk, in your bag, etc...).
  4. Isn't the item going to be used frequently? Why store it in the dustbag? I personally wouldn't worry about this.
  5. DD switches agendas like most of us switch bags, so she will not be using this one exclusively. This is her fifth different one.
  6. I will call and have them mail it. The boxes aren't necessary but the dustbag does provide protection. You are well within your right in my opinion.