Agenda dillema! GM, MM, or non-LV?

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What should I do about my agenda dilemma?

  1. Keep the MC black agenda - it's rare!

  2. Return the agenda, get an MM size instead.

  3. Return the agenda and get a non-LV (it's cheap!)

  4. Keep the MC agenda AND get another one to carry around.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Lately I've been wanting some SLGs to make the inside of my purse look pretty. I saw this MC agenda GM and went for it.

    It's in great condition, MC agendas are really hard to find, and I'm pretty sure I won't find this again for the same price (I went after the white MC agenda GM on Ebay, but that quickly escalated past my ability to buy it).

    Those are the pros. I waited anxiously for it to get here...and then I opened the package:



    (Where there's a camera, there's a cat. I'm pretty sure I could vacation in Europe and she'd find a way into my shot of the Brandenburg gate.)

    The agenda is a tome - it's big and very well-built, which means it's heavy. The package was 3 lbs, and there's not much packaging, so I would put the agenda at maybe 2.5 lbs? For reference, I think my iPad is 1.6 lbs and my netbook is 3.2 lbs.

    I dislike it when my bags are heavy, and this takes up about half the room in my Brea MM. So then I thought I might keep it at my desk, but I don't know if multicolor sparkles is a message I want to send to my students/employer. This has vachetta too, which makes it a less desirable contender for a space inside my purse.

    BUT if I return it I might regret giving up one of the few large MC agendas left. But I like the white one better. Bah.

    Should I go with something MM, maybe Damier Ebene? (Trunks would be awesome, but I might have to settle for regular). Or is the MM also super heavy? I need more space than a mini or PM because I have terrible terrible handwriting and usually write large-ish.

    Or should I just go to a bookstore and get a non-LV planner, keeping in mind that $500 is a lot to spend on a notebook? Do you think the agenda is a good value?
  2. An agenda is excellent value IMO because you just get so much use out of it (assuming you're someone who uses a planner regularly)
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  3. i voted for the last option. Cute cat btw :smile:
  4. Return and find gently used MM
  5. I think it depends if you want to have two agendas. This one is too heavy to carry around so you should definitely get a smaller one - I have a pre-loved White MC PM agenda - to keep in your bag. You voiced concerns about having this "sparkly" one at your desk so maybe you should sell it to fund a smaller one and another SLG!!:graucho:
  6. what kind of cat is that???? , its totally adorable!!!!
  7. Thanks for the advice so far! I think finding a used MM might be the best thing - maybe a white MC MM, if they ever made those :P - and grabbing a cosmetic case. Maybe something vernis-y.

    (Kitten is a Himalayan/Siamese mix, btw :P)