Agenda Dilemma

  1. I never thought i'd want an agenda but the more I look at them the more I want one! I'm a very organized person but it's all in my head. Appointments, to-dos,'s in my head. When I was in school I used to just remember homework assignments and tests, never used a planner except to put stickers on stuff and color.

    Anyways, my point is, clearly I don't NEED an agenda but I totally want one. I want to write stuff down just b/c it's fun and I think it's a fun accessory to have in my purse. Sounds silly I know.

    I REALLY like the Vernis Perle agenda and I also like the mono koala agenda with pink interior. I wouldn't mind a MC agenda in white either. Which of the 3 would you pick, and do you think i'm nuts for wanting one? Also, can you use any inserts? I'm so lost when it comes to what fun you can have with an LV agenda.
  2. I just bought a vernis one, and I dont need one either, just think its cute!!LOL I like it in vernis and I also like the white MC one too!!
  3. My SA said she had a pearle cles and it changed color on her (turned yellow). She said she doesn't recommend the color. I imagine that it would be hard to keep clean.

    That being said, I LOVE my Framboise agenda. Read the threads that ichelle posted and I am sure you'll end up getting one.
  4. I just got myself a vernis Framboise agenda mainly because I wanted a LV wallet but didn't want to drop 500 + on one, so I got the agenda to use as a wallet with the bonus of having an agenda as well.

    I too normaly just remember things, or jot things down but now that I have the agenda I'm trying to use it more BUT I did buy extra plain paper because I still prefer to jot down info then write it into a particular date...

    Of the one's you listed I would get mono koala or the white mc because I would worry about the Perle with the color being so light. Actually I think I would pick the white MC because it's so pretty and it's still less in price than an of the full size LV wallets!!!
  5. i don't need one, but it totally want one also!
  6. I have the mono koala agenda with the rose interior and I absolutely love it. Every time I open it up I'm glad I got it! Love that koala clasp, and the pink is TDF. Plus I like the durability of mono canvas.
  7. hey jane, do you have the problem of the clap getting scratched at all when you open/close it?
  8. My vote is for either Pomme or Framboise vernis. The perle is way too light for me, and I want to use an agenda and not baby it. My 2nd choice would be mono w/pink interior. It's the most durable, and it's really cute.
  9. I love my mono agenda-turned-wallet. Like Neptune I wasn't ready to drop so much cash on a wallet...I kept thinking, "I could buy a purse with that!" With filofax inserts the small agenda is so multifunctional.

    Out of the three you picked I like the mono koala agenda. Perle vernis may yellow over time and is susceptible to color transfer.
  10. ITA! :yes:
  11. I LOVE agendas!!! I always have one of my pocket agendas in my purse... I have both the monogram and damier pocket agenda, I just buy one insert and move it between the two agendas, depending on the bag I use! It looks soooo snazzy to pull out your LV agenda to job a date down!
    I would go with the mono koala
  12. I'd get the Mono Koala Agenda! I love that pink interior!
  13. i think the Monogram Koala Agenda would be the most practical. the Perle and white Multicolore agendas would get dirty easily, especially if they're being knocked around in your bag and used regularly
  14. Mono Koala! So pretty especially when you open it.