Agenda Dilemma! Which one to get?

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    My Birthday is coming up in three weeks and I wanted to get something new from LV. My last purchase from LV was the Delightful mm. Now I want to get an agenda not necessarily to match. I am torn between the New Damier Ebene agenda and the New Idlylle Agendas. Which one would you guys suggest?For reference I have three monogram bags, One damier ebene and two damier azurs.:P
  2. ebene
  3. Damier
  4. Damier Ebene! An agenda is designed to be used often, and the lighter colors would probably be more prone to getting dirty.
  5. I agree with Lorianna.........
    I would go with the Damier Ebene Agenda as well !
  6. ebene
  7. Ebene :smile:
  8. ebene!!
  9. Ebene!
  10. Im not a fan of ebene, but i think for an item used as often as an agenda ebene would be my choice as well. i think it would stay new looking longer.
  11. Ebene!
  12. Ebene or Mono..
  13. Ebene out of two
  14. I'd say Ebene.
  15. Ebene!