Agenda Decision: Medium Black Epi or Monogram Koala Agenda

  1. Hi everyone!!
    Please help me decide which agenda to get. I have narrowed down the choices between a medium black Epi agenda and a Monogram Koala Agenda (Pink).
    Even though the black Epi is lovely, I am leaning toward the Monogram Koala but I am concerned about the size. If you are a owner of a small agenda, would you buy a bigger agenda if could do it all over again?

    I will probably use the agenda every day and I am concerned that I will have to write really small to fit into the boxes. (LOL!!)

    What do you think?

    I wish Louis Vuitton would just make a medium size monogram Koala and solve all my problems. (LOL!!)
  2. I have the Koala agenda in pink. I solved the space issue by buying filofax inserts that are one page per day. Plenty of room.

    However, I can only fit six months at a time in there! But I think that's okay.

    It's so cute!
  3. I like the medium black epi agenda.
  4. If for the Agenda, I would go for a Koala Agenda.
  5. Koala agenda in pink is beautiful, I have one and I love it:love:. I use it as an everyday agenda and I agree with Jane: buy refills with one page per day!!!
  6. Get the Monogram. The Epi is black all over and a little more plain. The Monogram Agenda is interesting because there are two different colors - the inside is a pretty pale (oh so beautiful) pink - (I think I'll buy it!) and the outside it the gorgeous, classic, scrumptious brown Monogram! The Epi is nice but the Monogram has more life and it looks more feminine - especially with the pink inside. :yes:
  7. I LOVE the Monogram Koala with the orange interior :smile:
  8. My vote is for the Epi Medium Ring Agenda... it's the perfect size and so pretty IRL!
  9. I say go with Koala, but I'm probably biased because I just ordered one. :p
  10. Thanks everyone!!! Your advice is really appreciated.
  11. monogram koala!!!
  12. I currently have both Koala Agendas in Damier and Rose Mono, which are soo adorable and cute to look at, but to be honest, if i can do it over again, i'd probably get a Medium ring size agenda for the sake of writing space...even w/day a page inserts, there's still not enough room to write on. I tried to SO Med ring Koala in both Damier and Mono, but it was refused, guess LV plan to come out w/it in the near future (so i hope)?
  13. Koala agenda with the pink interior.
  14. Mono with pink is my choice here too! I don't like the black epi for a woman - too plain for me. A little punch in your bag - just that little flash of something feminine is so pretty!
  15. I own the Koala Agenda in Monogram and it isn't that big but it's convinient for size when I go out at night or for events. I use my Multicolor Agenda for work though.