agenda- confused. need advice


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Nov 3, 2006
ok so i have the mono agenda. just bought the red epi and was going to sell the mono to fund it. but now i'm thinking--- should i just return the epi? i love the red but is the mono more durable? i am so torn. i really do think i have too much mono but then i saw a pic on the agenda thread and the mono is so nice...
I think epi leather is very durable. If you must sell one, then I say sell the mono only because you think you have too much. Red epi is gorgeous and I think it will hold up just as well if not better than the mono canvas.
epi is def. durable.. I don't have a epi agenda but an epi wallet, which comes in and out of a bag just as much as a agenda.. and it looks new, I have had it for 11 months. Keep the epi, in my opinion.
Another choice if you like monogram and red is the monogram cerises Agenda. If the choice was mine I'd keep the Epi Agenda but then I love just about anything in RED. It's so hot....
lol kit. one's definately got to go!

ok, so i'm keeping the red. i exchanged the damaged one tonight and got a new one with silver hardware (i hadn't even noticed that the other was gold) the silver's better because i have a silver pen.

can't wait to put it altogether!

thanks everyone!