agenda as wallet, or agenda & wallet

  1. i think i read that a tpfer uses her agenda as a wallet... anyone else? what do you recommend? thanks!
  2. No not at the moment but i'm honestly thinking about it. I just need to locate a zipper pocket.
  3. I have an agenda and wallet - a koala wallet in monogram and an agenda pm in red vernis. I tried using my agenda as a wallet but I just didn't like it.
  4. Same here...i have a MC koala wallet and Damier koala agenda. i tried, and it didn't work out for me:shrugs:. i even brought some filofax accessories (like the zip lock envelope and credit card holder) to put into the agenda to make it more wallet-like.....
  5. currently, i use my MC agenda and monogram wallet, if i travel, i think that i will use the agenda cum wallet. but i will have to buy some zip lock compartment first.
  6. though i kinda like the idea of something having dual purpose: it's convenient and takes much less space. but i think it's best to have a separate wallet and agenda. so if god forbid, you lose one you're less likeley to lose the other :yes:
  7. I have an LV wallet, but I just ordered an agenda, along with ordering some Filofax inserts, to try using as a wallet. Our member Lola is the one that posted about doing this.
  8. well, I'm not using the agenda as a wallet in place of an agenda and wallet.....I still have and use a medium agenda, I'm just using a small agenda as a wallet in place of a different wallet (it's smaller than my PTI and I've found it more useful).... it's working out really well for me, especially since I always have a pen a paper with me now! My "real"agenda always stays in my work bag......
  9. yeah, that's not my point though, I'm not trying to replace having an agenda too, but I don't carry my agenda with me everywhere so with using the small agenda as a wallet I always have a pen and paper with's especially good for me b/c I like to use smaller bags and I can only fit one wallet type thing in them....
  10. I definately want to get one and try it out! I'm carrying a coach agend along with my wallet now, and it takes up too much space.
  11. i have a wallet and an agenda, only because my agenda is the medium one and i already have enough nonsense in it without making it into a wallet too :lol:
  12. I have a brick of an agenda (no LV ones yet !) and it'd be really, really awkward to have both of them do the same thing. Seperates for me !
  13. i have a small agenda, and tried it as a wallet...didn't work out because it didn't have enough credit card slots and it became too bulky.
  14. I have wallets and agendas. I can see how the agenda can double as a wallet. I have put my checkbook inside of my agenda and added an agenda accessory which acts as a zippered compartment to hold change. It worked for me when I did that back in the day.

    Now days I don't find myself carrying a checkbook any more. Heck, with the two Eldridge wallets and the Broome that I have I find that I don't carry them either. For me the Cles works really well for holding my driver's license, medical card and a few CC's... It seems like I've wasted my money on obtaining these beautiful wallets... Lately, I've been carrying a Pochette and a matching Cles. Maybe my wallets will come in handy again someday.

    I used to be frantic about finding a wallet that would accommodate all of my CC's but then I read somewhere that it's not good to carry all of your CC's anyway. If your wallet is stolen or lost one would be up the creek... Just a thought. Now, I carry the card or cards that I need and leave the others safe at home.
  15. I keep mine separate. I use an LV cardholder and a small agenda. To me they look too cute together to want to only use the agenda.