Agenda Anyone???

  1. :amuse: I wanted to know if any of you use an agenda?:amuse:

    I have not used one in years, but know I have a need.
    Can you tell me what designer works for you? And why?
  2. i don't use my agenda too often (i get really lazy) but when i do i use my LV small agenda.....can't really answer your questino but i can tell you why it doesn't work for me :shame:......i find that with all the stuff i have going on in my life and my clumsy hands it's just way too small to use comfortably.....for a book that's gonna organize my life i want something big enough that i can write comfortable in everyday :yes:.......but this isn't to say i don't love my agenda to death, because i do......i'd never give it up :heart:
  3. I have the Louis Vuitton Monogram Desk Agenda
    ( )

    and i use it almost every day. it's filled with tons of writing and crap and post it notes. haha.

    oh, and i used to have the small ring agenda that jc2239 speaks of, and i agree it was FAR TOO SMALL for me to use everyday. which is why I went for the Desk Agenda.. it's huge and I can write essays in it. haha.
  4. I tried using an agenda but I just can't get myself to write in it constantly/look at it every day. I have to be able to remember stuff. When I did try using an agenda, I bought small LV Epi agenda and I loved it! But I had to return it because I would have just wasted my money by not using it!
  5. I have one, but I never use it! I have this collection of empty agendas.
  6. when i had a job with lots of appointments to keep track of i used an agenda. it was one of the august to august ones. my current waitressing career doesn't require much time management, so i don't carry an agenda anymore. :smile: but if i did, this would be the only kind i used. it has monthly and weekly/daily slots as well as address space and note space.

    they're cheap and come in lots of colors but i can't seem to find any online retailers. hrm...

    the only thing i would use an LV agenda for is a replacement for my food journal/notebook...and i don't even think it's big enough for that.
  7. I used to use one, but now I just have a big calendar at home with all the things I need to do for the day/month.
  8. i use the one that my work provide for me.. hehe, I don't really need a diff one since right now, my life is just so focused mostly on my work..
  9. I have tried repeatedly over the years to use one (normally stimulated by finding a beautiful one that I would want to be carrying) however, with most companies using Outlook as their Mail/Calendar program and now a days - with the onset of PDA's and having them sync with would be doubling my work to keep up with the electronic and the paper copies of my schedule.. Now if only the Treo's came in designer bodies LOL

    BTW - any of you folks looking for a free shared calendar service online to balance you and your other half's schedules...check out the new Google calendar - it's pretty robust and very very very easy.
  10. I use one every day and I rely on it HEAVILY. My job is mainly appointment based so I have to have one. I cant get into PDA's, I still like the old fashioned way of keeping track of my schedule and I like being able to see the whole month at once.

    I dont have a designer agenda yet but that is definitely on my Want List. Problem is a like an agenda that zips close and most of the desinger ones do not. If anyone knows of one that does, please do tell!
  11. And since I have 2 jobs, my "career" job and a part time job I HAVE to have an agenda to keep track two those to schedules plus all my personal appointments and To Do's.
  12. I also cannot get into PDA's. I use an LV small ring agenda, and just fill with cheap notebook pages. I use it mainly for lists or notes.
  13. I have found that the mini address book is probably alot better to use, but I simply don't for some reason (Maybe I will start today he-he)
    The small agenda which I still carry just doesn't work for me 'cause its too small to write anything down in except phone numbers which makes me want to use the mini more now as we speak;
    I use however the Large Agenda because more room to write down stuff, more room to write address info, and easier to carry FOR ME anyway. Good Luck finding what works for you.
  14. Refills for all my agenda's are so expensive, thats why finding that one that works for all your purposes is important.
  15. I use a Palm Pilot and I love it. I was a paper-agenda girl for a long time and used a Franklin Covey medium desk planner (a gift from my previous company). The PDA is so much easier for me personally. I love being able to enter everything once on my computer and have it synch to my PDA - not having to re-enter everything on the paper copy is a huge timesaver for me. Plus it is a lot smaller. I've been thinking of getting an LV agenda because so many people rave about them but I know I wouldn't use it that much.