Agenda and Notebook!

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  1. I´m looking for a note book and an agenda. I really want the notebook (may be something like the big ulysse) in a really dark red colored lizard, and the agenda in bleu ostrich. The agenda must be something like the Vision or a Globe-Trotter.. or does someone have an suggestion for an agenda with a place for a pencil?

    Anyway, that is what I'm looking for, and I'm new to Hermès, so can someone give me any info on it + indication of price? (I searched for prices on the forum, but I didn't find it!)

  2. I agree that as far as I know the Ulysses doesn't come in an exotic at the moment. However, the ulysses can hold the Hermes pen (and other pens) either in the spiral loops of the insert or the inside the closing flap and has a calendar insert.
    I think the Vision II is the agenda with pen loops. Here's a beautiful one in Thalassa blue box calf from Luxury Shops:
  3. that's exactly what I'm looking for! That Vision agenda with pen loop! But want it in ostrich leather in something like that blue color, beautiful!!! Has Hermès a refill with just blank papers? Cause that would be great as a note book!
  4. Yes, Hermes does offer blank page notebooks as refills for the agendas. You can also get any of the different styles of agendas in various skins, leather and exotic. It's probably a good idea to go into a boutique and talk to them about what you want, but keep in mind that it may take a while to track down the color/skin combo you are looking for.
  5. I've seen them in fact someone on here has some sort of H agenda in ostrich! Loved it!
  6. ya Hermes has white notebook refills and some are really cute because they have colors