Aged darwin leather with patina - pics please!

  1. Ok, so everyone talks about how lovely the natural tan/ darwin leather looks when it has been used and has developed a patina but has anyone got any piccies of nicely aged darwin bags? I'd love to see! :yahoo:
  2. me too! Im still waiting for mine to develop one.
  3. There is a green one on eBay with a patina.

    Mine looks similar. It really makes the bag look nice.
  4. This is going to sound ignorant, but what causes this patina to form?
  5. Normal use of the bag. Mine has darkened most on the handles where I hold it.

    Just like LV darkenes on the tan leather with normal wear.
  6. Here's one in Oak (sorry, I don't have a camera to share individual pic):

  7. By LV do you mean Louis Vuitton? It's just that I have the initials LV on my Annie bag but what does it mean??? Sorry if this sounds dumb.
  8. don't worry , thats the date code , nothing to worry about !
  9. Bumping this thread - hope you don't mind! Would love to see more pictures of loved, broken-in, aged, patinaed Darwin leather! (Baywaters in particular :graucho:)
  10. I have a Rox and an Elgin that have aged beautifully.I also have a pic of my aged Elgin next to a brand new Annie so you can see the difference.I also found a pic of my Blenheim,that had loads of use and shows the soft glossy patina really well.
    Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 004.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 024.JPG Kroquets Annie!!!!!!!!! 027.JPG Further Collonil Testing 016.JPG Further Collonil Testing 017.JPG
  11. Chaz, your bags look fab! i can't see a single scratch on any of them and it doesn't sound like you baby your bags???!!!
  12. ^^^^^^^^^ No your right I don't,not the darwin ones at any rate,they were bought as workhorses and we treated exactly as that,the Elgin and Roxy have panned out to be just the most fantastic workhorses.I just colliniled them,and then I think the patina and aging hides a lot of marks and scuffs,plus as the leather ages,it gets a kind of 'skin' on it which I think prevents a lot of scuff marks.
  13. They look really great Chaz. I hope mine will age as well as yours!
  14. ^^^^^^^^ They will hun,just spray them to stop any water damage to the leather,and just use them,the Rox and the Elgin are the two I use most,and the glossy look is better on them than the others,I really do think using them and not being too precious about them really does help them age well. Makes it a bit more enjoyable while they ere getting there,not being afraid of using them!!
  15. ^^^ Chaz - you better hope that you don't have that Roxy with me around!! I might steal it and run away never to be found again!!! The patina on that bag is lovely!!! Looks like Godiva dark chocolate. Spoken like a true dieter (everything looks like some kind of food!)