1. My mom just found out one of her friends was lying about her age. So, I was wondering, do you guys ever lie about your age? Higher or lower? I, sometimes, tell people I'm older, because they always think I'm 20-21, but I'm 19. Would it bug you if someone lied about their age? It would only buy me if it by a HUGE amount like 5 years or more.
  2. Im 36..but I look alot younger...some people dont believe me...but I thinks its cool...
    if they thought I looked older -I would be upset!LOL!
    I think its ok if you add a if I was about to turn that age..otherwise whats the point in lying!!
  3. I've never had to lie about my age (to get in clubs etc) in fact, i get the opposite problem, i was asked to show my ID just last year to get in to a club when i was 27!:nuts:
    I think age only becomes a problem if you're in a relationship and one partner lies about their age from the start perhaps to get in to that relationship..that could cause problems, lack of trust etc.
    Honesty is the best policy...i'm 30 next year, but if someone assumes i'm younger than i am, then who am i to disagree..?;)
  4. ^^^Yeah, I think people should be honest when starting a relationship.
  5. ^^^Yeah, I think people should be honest when starting a relationship.
  6. People are always curious about my age , because I look so young, plus I still have to show ID sometimes, so I just leave it at that. LOL
  7. I never used to lie because I looked older when I was underage, younger when I went to clubs so I would get ID'd (and no I didn't date doormen!), and now if I'm having a bad day I tell people I'm 55, and they say I look awsome for my age, which is nice because I'm 44!:lol: :lol:
    Ususally I just don't tell people, so keep it under your hats, okay?!
    :shame: :lol:
  8. I did lie once in a while before I was married (I always took good care of my skin-so I can usually knock five years off if I want to), but now who cares. I am just lucky to have good skin.
  9. I love telling my age cuz' no one ever believes that I'm 43.
    I still get carded. I'm gonna' ride this wave as long as I can!
  10. It's pretty cool we have some honest carded ladies.
  11. I don't see the point in lying. You are what you are.
    Be proud of your age.
  12. I'm actually proud of my age. I'm 33, but people always think I'm in my early 20's. I get carded all the time, and people don't believe I'm actually 33. It's in my genes - my whole family looks young.
  13. nope not yet - I am a proud 35! Everyone usually freaks out when i tell them my age because i look super young for my age. I feel 35 though LOL!
  14. I'm only 26, so I don't have to lie about my age yet. :biggrin:
  15. I'm 37. I don't like my age,but I don't lie about it either:lol: .

    It would bother me if someone with whom i was about to become friends/enter into a relationship lied about anything,including their age. With random acquaintances I figure that their issues are their problems :lol:

    the great thing is that everyone is always very surprised when I tell them how old I am :smile:.