Age you lost your virginity?

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  1. THIS is a poll I'd answer!!!! Yes, we were FAR too exhausted . . . .
  2. i also plead the fifth:shame:
  3. BEST LAUGH I have had all day.
  4. oh and sex on your wedding night is well... exhausting after allllll the action of the the next morning...wonderful. AND there is no way I would have lost my virginity on my wedding night! I hated it so much the first time I swore I would never do it again!!! LOL it HURT! I was 16....I had the same boyfriend for 6 years...I loved him and I was ready. BUT damn...I don't think my husband would have been to happy if I would have said...sorry honey, that hurt and Im not doing it for a very long time. Divorce court would have been the next stop! Well, then I guess the next wedding night would not suck!!! Its very much a personal choice and I do not think its right one way or the other...always do what makes you happy.
  5. There are other things that can be done besides intercourse to "test drive" him...and I feel that even if he isn't the greatest lover at first, you can work through that together or with a therapist. The chances are very low that he'll get everything right automatically, so whether you give him the chance to know your body through premarital sex or through sex in marriage, there's still going to be that learning period.
  6. Good job on sticking to your beliefs :smile:
  7. I just feel that giving your virginity on your wedding night would make it as special as it possibly could be. Because it's special because it's your first time ever and also special because it's your first time as a married couple. So it's special two times over.
  8. hmm im 16,and still waiting til marrige =D
  9. I don't think I came across as judgemental, I just stated my point of view on the subject. I'm not judging you guys. As long as you're okay with your decision, that's fine with me.
    I never said that you guys were sad. I said that I found it sad that it's so easy to assume that a woman isn't a virgin just because she has a boyfriend. I wouldn't want anyone to assume that I've had sex if I haven't, due to the fact that I really want to stick to tradition and wait. I have a great love of tradition and a white-picket-fence mentality because I've grown up in a home that is far from the perfect white-picket-fence world I dream of. I want my future to be as opposite of the life I've had as possible, and sticking to some of those old-fashioned ideals helps me do that.
    Your wedding night will be special. I just feel that if it's your first time ever and your first time as a married couple, that it adds a little something extra.
    I am respectful of those who don't wait. I'm not fond of premarital sex, but I wouldn't call you a hooker for doing it. I stated my opinion, I don't think I disrespected you.
  10. In my mind, I feel that I have to deserve to wear that color. Brides originally wore white as a color of celebration, but over time, our society has come to view it as a symbol of virginity, so that's how I view it for myself.
  11. Ooh, yay, of my favorite things (once, when I was very sick, I sat in bed in the middle of the night staring at a wall, all the while thinking I was a researcher for the Kinsey Institute and was worried that Kinsey would be mad at me because some data got messed up:P . I think I was so sick that I became delusional and ended up having an odd sort of dream while still awake:P )

    Unfortunately, a lot of people who wait for marriage do have lots of hangups and mental issues with sex, and a lot of the women who wait eventually have trouble with orgasm (due to mental issues, having never masturbated, being afraid of experimentation, shame, thinking that orgasm has to come from intercourse and no other form of stimulation, etc.). Luckily, I doubt that I'll have that problem. I research sex often, and would really like to be a sex therapist someday. Also, the chances are very low that I'll have issues with orgasms, since I've had tons of those already. I think I'll probably be as prepared as a virgin can be for their wedding night and sexual relationship with their husband.

    Yay, someone who knows of that sad data on those who wait and later have problems. Always nice to encounter people with research info that I'm familiar with :smile:
  12. Same with every part of that statement.
  13. And just regarding all "it hurts" comments:

    Yes, it may hurt, but it doesn't hurt for everyone. Also, by the time a person who is waiting for marriage gets married, they'll be older and there's a fairly good chance that most of their hymenal tissue will be gone (due to tampon use, activity, insertive masturbation, a guy/guys using their fingers, etc), so they may not have as much pain as a person who had intercourse at a young age.

    Oh, and just a bit of clarification: When I said that I felt that waiting is the right thing to do, I meant that I feel it's the right thing for me, not everyone. I wrote that when I was in a rush (had to get to school...I'm a bit purseforum addicted:P ) and forgot to include those very important little words ("for" and "me"...oopsie)
  14. I'm 19 and a virgin and waiting for marriage. That's just my personal belief and don't mind what others do. It's a very personally choice. I just hope I don't end up waiting and get a divorce. :Push:
  15. Tracey, this is good practice for your job. hehe
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