Age you lost your virginity?

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  1. Since most of you are married or have boyfriends, what is the age you lost your virginity and are you still with that person?
  2. I was 16 and I'm not with that person anymore. I still see him from time to time.
  3. I am still a virgin. In July 20th I will be 21. I feel good about it, I mean it is my choice.
  4. I was a virgin up until 23 and I never regret it. :biggrin: It's definitely a good choice to wait for someone you love. I did and we've been together for almost 4 years now.
  5. 15, I've been with the person for almost 3 years.
  6. 13 :shame: I was a teenager with a troubled past.
  7. Same here. I'll be 21 in November. I've had a long distance relationship going for close to 5 years now (in July) and that could change next time I visit him or he visits me, etc. But at least it'd be because we were in love. I wouldn't have it any other way. :smile:
  8. Much too young :lol:
  9. 16, with my first love...i haven't seen him in years and years...but i'm with someone who is my TRUE love! and that is all that matters, we have been together six years as of today!
  10. I am 17 and am still a virgin and a guy, i dont intend to lose it anytime soon either. :smile:
  11. 16;)... was with the guy for 5 years, don't regret it 'coz i WAS so in love:love:..! now i just think he's pathetic..! :P but still don't regret...
    funny that.. but i was/am pretty relieved i got that over and done with! now i don't have that much to lose (in a sense..):biggrin:
  12. 17 ... to the guy that is now my husband and father of my children :biggrin:
  13. Same here, I will be 20 on July 17th. I'm waiting for the right person to come along ;)
  14. ^^ i second that =P
  15. *sigh*
    I think it's sad that people can assume that since a person is in a relationship, they're no longer a virgin, and that it's usually true.
    I'm waiting for marriage, and could never imagine giving my virginity (virginity shouldn't be something you lose, it should be something you give) to someone I'm in love with "at the time." I'd be heartbroken if I ended up breaking up with the person I gave it to. I know that marriage isn't a guarantee that you'll stay together, but it's far more solid than a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.
    Also, if you have already had sex, the wedding night won't be as special. You would be doing something you have done before.
    I don't feel this way because of my religion (don't go to church, have issues with a lot of the rules of my religion, etc). I just feel that waiting is the right thing to do. I want to deserve to wear that white dress.

    In short, I'm a virgin, waiting for marriage.

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