Age spots

  1. Does anyone here have age spots or had age spots? I'm looking for a good product that will whiten and diminish the spots on my face. I know Shisiedo has a good one, but they are a little pricey! Any suggestions? I was using Estee Lauder Fruition and Advanced Night Repair and then I had 2 kids and my skin has changed. So now I've tried Estee Lauder Idealist, Philosophy Pigment of your imagination, some chinese pearl cream my great aunt gave me but nothing seems to be working out. And to top it all off I have sensitive skin!! Any ideas or suggestions? I was thinking of getting them lasered off. HELP!
  2. I got one on my cheek when I was pregnant. I haven't found anything that works, even the expensive stuff.
  3. The best way to prevent them is to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen everyday.
  4. That's the best advice - I have never found a lightening cream that really works - I have tried laser (for my hands) and the spots still come back - I had one on my face that my dermatologist got rid of with an acid of some type - thankfully I only had one. Check with your dermatologist.
  5. try to get prescription for Retin or Hydroquin (sp?)
    I had this panick attack last week and there is no definite answers...but those are the two most recomended
  6. SuzyZ after you got them lasered off how fast did they come back? I was just thinking of getting them lasered and then staying out of the sun and using major sunscreen!!! I guess thereis no help huh!? And thanks Miss V I'll look into those!
  7. Believe me, I covered myself with the best sunscreen everyday (even cloudy) and they slowly returned (a few months) - It's not as bad as it was to begin with but I had 2 treatments, spent $500.00 and woudn't do it again - although hydroquinone doesn't work either unless it's 4% and then it burns the :censor: out of your skin. - Remember,I'm talking hands here not face).
  8. BTW - I use retin A on my face, have for years - maybe that's why I don't have any spots on my face - but it does NOT work on hands (for me).
  9. Oh my g-d you guys are terrifying me, I just got back from Fla. vacation, I am so dark and originally really fair! Anyways, my mom lazered hers on her face recently,so I would go for that. I have 2 tiny age spots starting on my hands that used to be scars from mosquito bites:blink: . I am so bummed. I will try lazer one year soon!!!
  10. I have had a couple of spots that came out after my last daughter - and over the years, trying lots of products, they have disappeared for the most part. I do stay out of the sun in the summer though and try to wear hats/sunscreen. The Whitess stuff from Shiseido helped - along with a variety of regular products - and constant trying!! Not one in particular though --
  11. I've been RELIGIOUSLY using the entire whitening line (Blanc Expert) from Lancome for more than a yr now and i can guarantee you that it works!!!! or at least on me it did...:biggrin: it's super gentle, fast absorbing, and non-greasy, and made for azn skin. I swear by it