Age old question

  1. Hi fellow Hermes afficianados,
    I am relatively new to the forum - up to now, I have been a "lurker" (reading but not posting). This is my first post. I need some advice. I have two birkin bags both of which I love (a gold togo with palladium and a chocolate brown togo with palladium, both 35 cm). I bought one in DC several years ago where I was on the wait list for a year, the other the following year in NY, where the saleslady ordered it for me. I know this is decadent and self indulgent but I would love to have a third one - a black togo or fjord, 35 cm, palladium. I really would like to buy it at an Hermes store, not through a reseller, even if it takes longer. Any ideas? The advice I have always told people is - go to your local store and develop a relationship with a salesperson. But I suspect I dont have the right contacts at the moment. My saleslady in DC moved, and my saleslady in NY I think may work part time or be phasing out. (by way of explanation - between birkins, I moved from DC to NY, but I still have an apt in DC). I know the manager in DC and am wondering if I should call her. For someone who bought two already, I seem to be having trouble acquiring the most basic of the birkins. Any advice, thoughts, prayers, are welcomed and appreciated.

  2. not sure, steph.....maybe post this in the main Hermes forum, so more of the ladies see it.......

    Welcome, by the way!! Your bags sound lovely!!