Age old question: Speedy 25 or 30?

  1. Ladies, I desperately need your help!

    I know that I want to get a Speedy, but can’t decide between the 25 and the 30. Since I am 5’-9” I think I should get the 30 (since most people suggest the bigger size for taller people). But I love the “cuteness” of the 25, but also, I like the idea that I could use the 30 for school as well (since its bigger), and I do have other smaller bags that are comparable to the 25.

    Also, everyone says get the Damier, especially because the handles on the Mono Canvas get very dirty, but I am very partial to the Mono Canvas…

    HELP ME! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  2. 5'9... first of all, you're very lucky for being tall! : )
    I would get what your 'gut instincts' pull you towards. If you want a speedy 25 in monogram canvas, go ahead!
    I have the cerises speedy in 25, and it is perfect for me (I am 5'2"), but it should look great on you as well (more like a purse for you than a 'bag' for me)
    Happy shopping-- remember, we all give and get advice from this forum, but in the end it is your money and your choice. Let us all know what you end up getting in this thread!
  3. Heya louislover, from the sounds of your post you are leaning toward the 30! It's bigger for your school things and a change of pace from your smaller bags.

    Yes, Damier would show less wear on the handles compared with mono, but try them both on and go with what feels like YOU. If you're partial to the mono, I'd with that, however! Get something you'll love to carry every day (when you're not carrying your other LV pieces, hehhehehe)
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  5. If you have the possibility to try them on in a store, I'd say get the size which suits you better. And on a daily basis, how much room do you need?
    Are you going to carry the bag handheld most of the time or do you put it in the crock of your arm? Because IMO, the Speedy 30 looks a bit weird on your arm, but way better handheld. For the 25 it's the other way round IMO (am I weird? :lol:)
  6. I think you should get the Mono 30. You said you are very partial to the mono canvas so you should get what you really love. Since you have other bags the size of the 25 and you are tall (not that smaller gals can't pull off a 30 bc they can!) and already see a use for the 30, then I think you should go for that.

    My first was a mono 25 and I LOVED (still do) it. Many months after I got it, I bought a pair of Chanel sunglasses. Case is HUGE as everyone here knows. So it got a little cramped with all my other stuff in the 25. Also, the 25, as you've probably read, has a smaller opening, so a little bit more difficult to look around and get stuff out. Then the Damier speedy was released on June 1st and I immediately ordered the 30. I have used it everyday since it arrived. I feel bad for my poor mono 25, because I truly love mono. In fact, I was waiting for Elux to have free shipping and I have a 30 mono sitting in my cart right now (still thinking about a couple other little goodies). Unfortunately, shortly after I bought my 25, I bought one for my daughter (19 at that time). She wanted to borrow mine and I was very possessive (it was a special purchase for me) and didn't want to give her up even for a day. She loves it and uses it almost every day. I just wish I hadn't bought it so soon because had I known I would have fallen in love with the 30, I just could have given her mine. So now mine sits in it's dustbag unloved :sad: . I've never sold anything and don't ever plan on it, so I guess she will just sit there until my daughter totally demolishes hers. That will be a while as she takes care of her things. Whew....sorry, I didn't mean to write my life story!
  7. My first Posting! But I think the 30 is best if you are 5'9, that is how tall I am, and I love my Speedy 30. As for Monogram vs. Damier, I am currently lusting after the Damier, but I love my Monogram. It is pretty darn indestructible. Best wishes!
  8. Go for the 30. I think the 25 is precious but you can't go wrong with the 30. Either way post pics when you get it!!! Good Luck.
  9. I am so happy about this post. I wanted to ask this question but felt a bit embarrassed. I am new and this will be my second time shopping for LV and my third bag in less than one week! I am done after I pick the next bag until after Xmas!
  10. You are indeed very lucky to be tall, IMO at that height you would look equally great in a speedy 25 or 30!The 25 looks great on all heights! The 30, IMO looks best on the taller girls... though I must say I have seen some petite girls pull it off..... unfortunately, I was not one of those. Since you mention you have more bags in the 25 size I would go for the 30 since 1. it looks great on you (not everyone can do it) 2. you can use it for school. You could use the 25 for school too but you would be carrying your notebook in ur hands! =) Just be aware that the 30 is much mroe prone to sagging than the 25 which retains its shape rather well.... still, its not something cardboard or a pursket can't fix. Another thing to be aware of, the 25 can get quite heavy sometimes so the 30 I imagine would get even heavier. With regards to the canvas, the monogram looks great in all sizes while the damier looks better when it is on the smaller speedy. So if you decide on the 25.... damier and monogram are great. For the 30, I think the monogram looks better. Hope this helps you.
  11. Mono 30 all the way! A classic canvas and the size would totally suit you. I think you'll find the 25 too "lunchbox-like" for your height. I had the 25 and sold it b/c of that reason and I'm five foot nothing!

    You guys are the best, I know I can always count on the PFers to help me with my LV purchases...

    Thanks to everyone who responded! :smile:
  13. I am 5'11'', and I purchased the mono 30. It started raining tonight, and I did not get one water spot on it as I walked to my car. The patina protected it.
  14. I've always wanted to be tall.. you lucky girl ! :P
  15. i looooooooooooooooooove my new Damier Speedy 25, though i have the monogram speedy 30 as well... but i love the speedy 25 more. cus it doesnt look overpowering.