Age old question revisited--baby cabas or original?


Baby or original cabas

  1. baby all the way!

  2. nothing like the original!

  3. can't decide. I like both!

  4. Neither. Yuck!

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  1. So since both have now been around for a bit and many of us have tried both styles, which do you prefer?
  2. How does the original look like? ;)
  3. [​IMG]

    is this the original??? I just got mine today AND LOVE IT!!! but I never tried the baby on so I can't answer that..I think both would be great in different colors of course
  4. Your is the original VIP. I like the original for the logo embossed on the bag, and the baby for the quilting on the bottom.
  5. I can't decide. I LOVE my baby Cabas. It's perfect for everyday and I love the color.
  6. I've not seen the original in person, but I got my baby Cabas the other day and I love it. I prefer that one.
  7. I love my original. I like big bags though.

  8. I like the baby! Prefer the quilted bottom to the huge CCs.
  9. I agree with nerdphanie! I really hate huge logos, the quilting is so much nicer imo ;)
  10. I think I prefer the original... even tho the logo is big, it's subtle b/c it's the same colour and only stitched. I'm drooling over ^^ that one!!!
  11. Baby Cabas for me.
  12. Love the baby.
  13. Love them both! I have the original in black leather (had the vinyl too but returned it) and the baby in teal and bronze. I do like the logo on the original and it's great for travel, but the baby cabas is great for everyday! :yes: