Age old dilemma.... Want vs need

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  1. Just to state the obvious in the beginning all my LV are wants not a single need but here I go.... I have a Delightful PM and I love it. If I had to choose a single bag she might be it. I don't carry a lot IMO, 2 wallets cell phone and a pochette for all my receipts cell phone charger ect. The PM fits my needs although if the wallets and things aren't lined up nicely the bag has a weird wide slouch. A nice preloved MM came up on Yoogis last eve ( congrats to the TPF gal who snagged it!) and it got me thinking if a MM would be better because it would be roomier. For those who have both styles does the strap on the mm have a longer drop? Do you prefer one size to the other? Just curious if I'm experiencing a "want" moment! Thanks for always understanding the passion/obsession
  2. I did a comparison when I still had both. I put the exact same amount/weight in both bags and there was about a 1" difference in drop. Here's the link so that you can see the pic, I prefer the PM. I wasn't carrying as much anymore and the MM was beginning to look too slouchy and sloppy on me. Hope this helps some!
  3. Thank you! Yes it does help. I think the PM suits my needs I really love it but I just wasn't sure!! Especially when Yoogis taunts me with a fabulous preloved one ;)
  4. @TooManyWantMore wow i love how that delightful looks on you and i was never a fan of this bag now you got me reconsidering this
  5. You're welcome. Those preloved deals will reel you right in. I've been guilty a time or two. :lol:
    It's a very simple bag but makes for a beautiful everyday slouchy hobo. You should check it out! Just keep in mind that the canvas will relax and it'll slouch beautifully in no time.