Age of surgeon, what is the ballpark optimal age?


Sep 20, 2019
I was just thinking about how one of my surgeons looks a lot younger on his website photo (Dr. Kang at JW Plastic Surgery). I didn't check that out much when my consultant first mentioned him ( due to information overload - in general). When I met him in person, I was glad to see he seemed to be in mid 40's- mid 50's. I was thinking: "here's a guy who has been doing multiple surgeries of the same genre each week, he must know what he's doing." By that time, if that's your main, basically only career, you should be really excellent at what you do, in my view. What do you think?

I was glad that I didn't focus on his more youthful website photo, because that might-might have deterred me; I visited another clinic, where many of the doctors seemed quite young in their photos ( someone that worked there even mentioned that - which immediately put me on alert. That comment was actually a deterrent, even though it was a huge generalization. Running out of time, I didn't even finish my whole consultation there and just went to JW where I had other appointments set up that day. My rhino doctor (Dr. Suh) there appeared to be older in photos/videos and his look also matched what I saw in person. I felt assured.

Thus far, I'm pretty impressed with them both. If they have grey hairs, seems like they've earned them. At what age do you think is the height of one's surgical career and when do you think it declines? I did some consults in the US and one doctor seemed older (60's?), his office even felt out-of-date. I never seriously considered him, but appreciated the consult time.
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