Age of Love

  1. I didn't see a thread for this already so I thought I would start one.

    It premiers tonight 6/18 on NBC.

    Does age really matter? This show should be very interesting. It's women in their 20s aka "kittens" vs 40's aka "cougars" with a 30 something guy as the prey.


    It's often said that love is blind... but is that really true? If given the chance to choose a woman in her 20s, or a 40-something on the prowl, will a man go for youth or maturity? More than just a dating competition, "Age of Love" is a social experiment based on the question: When it comes to falling in love, does age really matter?

    Hosted by popular actor Mark Consuelos (“All My Children”), the eight episode series from 3 Ball Productions (NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”) features a new twist on the reality dating show format.

    Tune in when seven beautiful, sophisticated women in their 40's, playfully nicknamed the "Cougars" vie for the affections of 30-year-old Australian tennis superstar Mark Philippoussis, along with six fun, enthusiastic women in their 20's, coined the "Kittens."

    But only one woman can win Mark's heart. Is she an attractive, experienced woman who knows what she wants and has already carved out a niche of her own? Or, is she a sexy younger woman who lacks the experience of her older counterpart, but has an enthusiasm for life that only comes with the inexperience of youth? In the end, both Mark and the viewers will discover if love is truly ageless.
  2. I saw a print ad for this....I think I might watch it!
    Are you gonna catch it Hubba?
  3. Yes I watched it. I will have to wait for the next show to see who I think he should pick. They only showed the "Cougars". Next week is the "Kittens". From what I can tell, the "Kittens" are a little too full of themselves and most of the "Cougars" are kind of insecure about their age. One even said her biological clock was ticking. Not a good sign. LOL

    In the upcoming preview, the guy said he missed the company of the older women. He also said that age went out the window once he got to know the "Cougars".
  4. i watching right now .. & totally already am sickely obsessed with it 19 minutes into it! LOL!

    ut oh .. i'm totally hooked!
  5. ^^ me, too...I think it'll be my new guilty pleasure!
  6. I watched it last night :rolleyes: and this is going to be taking up the void that was left in me when the Bachelor ended lol :yes:

    I thought that the Cougars looked really good for their age.. the one that was voted off, Jodi (I think that's her name?), was IMO very pretty.

    Mark Philippoussis is.. HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :graucho:

    The Kittens.. most of them were pretty and all of them were cocky. Especially that one girl who said when she walks down the street, people know she's hot. Good god. She wasn't that pretty IMO. And that one blondie has got some major implants haha!
  7. ^^Oh good. Glad to have you all on board. BTW, Kelly Ripa's hubby is quite short.
  8. So far I like it. I think the woman he let go was really pretty. Personally, I cant imagine him picking one of the "Cougars" Some of them are divorced (One 2x), have kids not much younger then himself, does he really want a woman who has already been there, done that? Even the women who dont have kids, some are in their 40's, that is old to be having kids (Ducking). Fertility at 40 just isnt the same as during your 20's even 30's. What do I know maybe he doesnt want kids, already has a kid, etc.. I just think they should have cast women who werent previously married, or with children-These days it's hard to find though.
  9. It might be that the "bachelor" is 6'5"...he'll make anyone look short next to him.
  10. I wish the bachelor was someone who had dated both older and younger women, so at least both sides start with an equal chance. (And I'm bummed they chose such obnoxious "kittens"...but I guess if they chose normal ones, the decision would be a lot easier for him!)
  11. Oh my god!! I forgot to watch it!!! *sniffle* It sounds so good...
  12. ^^ it is! total guilty pleasure!

    no worries - there's always next week! :biggrin:
  13. I tuned in as well, and I thought the "cougars" looked great, I couldn't believe some of them were really that age! Oh yeah, Mark Consuelos is a cutie!
  14. I watched it because I thought the concept was really interesting! And of course, both Marks are very easy on the eyes :p

    The "cougars" looked amazing for their age!