age limit to wearing blue jean birkin?

  1. wondering if there is an age limit to wearing a blue jean birkin. i'm in my mid 30s now -- could i wear this color/style into my 50's and beyond?

    maybe i should consider gold as a safer choice.

    any opinions out there?
  2. Kim I think it depends on your personal style. My DM can totally rock her BJ bag well past the age you mention (no numbers pls :sneaky: ).

    I think BJ is a great neutral and it works really well with a casual style.
  3. Gosh, I hope so, I may not be entering my 'color' phase until I am well into my 50s....
  4. Well, of course, I always have an opinion.....LMAO!!!!! Can't shut me UP!!!!

    I'm 50-ish and feel that anything BJ won't grow old with me eaasily so I shy away from it even though I love the color. On the other hand, when I was in NY just recently, I saw a woman in her early 60's at the H store carrying a 35cm BJ Clemence Kelly Retourne and she looked magnificent. So, I honestly think it's all in what you are comfortable with and what works best for your lifestyle.

    For me, I can't see myself in my 60's - 70's with BJ, Fuschia, almost anything Chevre unless it's black or practically any bright, bright color.
  5. I am in my early 50s and have been considering something blue jean, eg, a birkin kelly or bolide bag. I honestly dont think a blue jean bag is age limited, so to speak. I do question, however, whether it has some geographical limitations in that I dont see a lot of them on the streets of Manhattan, particularly downtown, or Washington DC. Of course, black is the "city color" in both places. If you see women with bags in colors (in otherwords, not black, brown or tan) in either place, they tend to be rouge H or vert anis. If you are not in one of these two cities however this is not at all relevant.
  6. Pastels go better with that silver hair--
  7. I saw a woman in Oscar de la Renta on Madison with a blue jean birkin 35. She was easily in her late 60s, dressed a la Jackie O - and she looked stunning! I think that most colors can be worn at any age depending on the bearer's personal style.
  8. I'm not sure, that's why I don't have BJ in my collection.
  9. I second gina and add self confidence to the unmistakable "something" that makes almost any Kelly, Birkin, Bolide or Plume timeless regardless of age. That, and a good body!
  10. I'm in my early thirties and I think BJ would look nice going into your 50's, 60's, and 70's. It all depends on how you take care of your appearance (stylish hairstyle and clothing). As long as your clothing does not comprise of powder blue polyesters, I think BJ will look quite lovely! :p
  11. I had been asking myself that question alot. A BJ Kelly is the 1st H bag that I specifically asked for and got waitlisted for.

    I am in my early-30s (still early :push:smile: and I have the same concerns as you do. Will I be able to wear it when I am in my 50s... I personally feel that I might get more mileage out of Gold, Black, Rouge H, Browns compared to the BJ. Having said that, on the other hand, if I want more mileage, I should then start with colors instead of "neutrals". :idea:

    So my conclusion is, it will have to depend on design, leather and attitude. :smile:
    1. BJ sellier Kelly 28 vs BJ retourne Kelly 32
    - BJ Sellier 28 is a bag I can "see" myself in at 50s.

    2. BJ Birkin 35/30 vs BJ retourned Kelly 32
    - BJ Birkin is something I can "see" myself in, as the birkin's design is causal.

    3. BJ Croc vs BJ togo? BJ ostrich vs BJ togo?

    so, IMO it is leather, design and attitude. :smile:

    HTH and not to confused even more.
  12. Re: age limit to wearing blue jean birkin?

    Absolutely not! And the cool thing is, the older one becomes, the fewer limitations one feels. You have more freedom ....for lack of a better word and fewer rules. You live by your own rules.....

    If I'd have known how great it feels to be the age I am now, I would have been THIS age 20 years ago;)
  13. For what its worth - I have more or less the same taste now (at age 54) as I did at 34 - only much better budget now :smile: Hey, if you can afford it and you like it, I promise you, you will still like it when you are 50 (maybe even more so - as isus suggests, you "lighten up" as you get older....stylewise, you become fearless!)
  14. thanks everyone. i guess i'm just trying to figure out what bag i could love for the rest of my life (since they are so darn expensive!). i love blue jean now but will i love it in 20, 30, 40 years? will i be able to still rock the blue jean color? i'm trying to find anything wrong with my decision to make sure it's the right one, KWIM?
  15. My mum is 50ish and wears bright colours all the time! Of course, it's all on what you feel comfortable with, because it will show on how you carry yourself and your bag. If that's what you like, go for it!