Age Limit For Juicy Couture Bags

  1. I by nature tend to lean towards other brands however I always like seeing the different cute styles Juicy offers. Now I do have a reason though to shop there more since my daughter is 16 and going thru a juicy faze herself.
  2. I am 24 and just bought my first juicy bag. I think its ok to wear as long as you want. Who are we to tell people what and what not to wear as long as it makes them happy?
  3. Here's my motto- You're only as old as you think you are! Honestly, approaching 30 I don't feel even a bit too old for Juicy, I wear what I like, and I don't care what others might think. Life is too short to live in fear of peoples opinions :biggrin:
  4. I think Juicy bags are rather cute and fun. If its u go for it, i dun think being over 20 is too old for a Juicy bag as long as its being used as a going out/fun kind of bag- not a working bag. I gues u should look out for the style too. Some bags might be a bit too cute for a 30yrold. I think 20s is fine.
  5. I guess it depends on which bag. This is perfectly acceptable for a mature women.
  6. Wear what you like no matter how old you are! As long as you love it, you'll look great rocking it at any age!
  7. i recently bought my first juicy bag and i absolutely love love it and im no teenager.:lol: who cares what other people think i dont..
  8. any age as long as you're comfortable with it :smile:
  9. I think 18+over with a juicy bag is kind of odd ~
  10. I agree with many of you...Juicy has a range of styles and textures. I would def say that once you're at a certain age you shouldn't wear a velour bag with logos. I just got my daughter a fluffy...but I wouldn't use one.
  11. i'm 18 and i use mine rarely but i think anyone wearing the juicy handbags with the logos on it are kinda tacky but the leather ones are pretty nice
  12. There really isn't an age limit, but I think a 98 year old might look a bit "off" with one haha :lol:
  13. There is no age limit.
  14. I'm 31(but I look about 24)and I have 2 daydreamer bags,a black and a gray.I say if you like it,go for it!
  15. I'm 35 and these are my Juicy bags. I also occasionally sport my charm bracelet with sparkly charms. But you know what, all of my pieces are FUN! Why live life by silly rules or be concerned what people may think! If you like it and it makes you happy, then by all means wear your Juicy ladies!!!