Age group question for coach fans?

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Whats your age range ?

  1. 15-25 years old

  2. 26-35 years old

  3. 36-45 years old

  4. 46-55 years old

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Is coach for all ages? Just a little curious of the age range of this coach forum. Please participate only if you WANT to.
  2. Absolutely its for all ages - I've loved it since I was in my mid 20's, now in early 30's and love it just as much!
  3. I think you should have added over 55 & under 15!
  4. ^^I agree with that
  5. I'm 21, but have gotten Coach since I was 15 :smile:
  6. I agree Coach is for all ages..However I'm 40 and prefer classic styles/all leather bags..The signature/optic/patchwork is not for me...:heart: Emmy
  7. I'm 21 & started buying Coach at 19. I agree you should have added over 55/Under 15 b/c really Coach is for all ages.
  8. I'm 40 and find myself drawn to the leather bags or more subdued signature. I have fun with the accessories rather than having a "younger" looking bag. I definately think Coach is for everyone!
  9. I'm 23, and even though I go to other brands now and again - I always come back to Coach! It was my original obssession and I usually can always find at least one bag per season that I fall in :heart: with! :yes:
  10. i'm 21- and started when i was 21. hehe.
  11. I agree. Coach has something for everyone! I prefer the more subdued fabrics and the large bags while my daughters like the more fad bags. My girls love the pink and scribble bags and the classic mono fabrics. My daughters are 10 and 13. The 13 year old received a Coach IPOD cover for Christmas with her Red IPOD. She loves it!!!!
  12. all sizes shapes races and genders! its an equal opportunity obsession!
  13. I'm 34 and realy feel that Coach has styles to appeal to every age range and taste.
  14. I am 46 in May, love love love Coach!!
  15. Anyone else suprised that the 26-35 age range is the majority so far? I thought for sure it would be 15-25. Considering that is the age range I usually see carrying Coach.

    I dont know why considering I am in the 26-35 range...30 to be exact.