Age gaps.. Hmmmm..

  1. I got this thought from reading something in the Coach forum..

    When I see women around my age (20s) with the same bag style as me.. it makes me feel like it's young&hip and what not and that it makes you feel kinda like it's the what's "in".. but when I see older women that are around 30s-40s with the same style.. it makes me feel like.. I'm trying too hard to look older? Or maybe the bag I have isn't for meant to be carried by people around my age..

    It kind of gives me this feeling that.. maybe this bag isn't for me.. or it's geared towards older women.. I mean.. call me crazy.. but that's just something that gets me thinking..

    For example. There was this girl around 19ish that was carrying a Damier Azur speedy 25.. and it made me feel like.. hey! I have a bag similar to that! Cool!! and it made me feel all happy and whatnot.. thinking someone around my age shares their passion for the bag..
    Then today I went to the market and I saw this woman around the age of 40-50 that was carrying a Damier Ebene Shoulder bag.. and it made me feel like I was just out of place with this bag.. trying too hard to look older? I don't know.. :sad:

    I think i'm just weird. :sad:

    I hope this post doesn't come off as.. something that offends anyone... ><

    Just something that I think about when I see other people.. ^^;
  2. When I see an older lady wearing LV I think they scream class and I hope to be like them one day.
    When I see someone younger wearing LV I think they are stylish and poised.
    When I see someone middle-aged wearing LV I think they are sophisticated and lovers of quality.
    When I see someone carrying a fake I feel a little sad.
    Basically I love seeing people of all ages wearing LV - that is another one of the things I like about it.
  3. funny how i felt the same way today while shopping at Cabazon. there was this older lady(not sure how old though because i was in my car looking for parking and she was just walking in front of me with her black epi alma) and i screamed at my my little brother telling him "LOOK! that lady had the same purse as me!!!:yahoo:except hers has gold hardware! i've never seen one IRL before!" of course he looked at me like i was some crazed nut fresh out of the asylum. but MAN did she look HOT! cheers to her! :drinkup:

    i saw numerous other bags today though. LOTS of mono and damier, and a few epi here and there. The majority of the lovely ladies carrying them were older, but hey i just hope to be as sexy and classy as they are when i get to that age and just rock that bag like it's nobody's business but mine! HO YEAH! :rochard:
  4. What a great reply!:tup:
    I think you should carry whatever you like regardless. Style is timeless.
  5. Okay. I got into LV in my early 50s. I buy age-appropriate bags, so I don't feel like I'm trying to look too young. I wear Coach bags that I have had since I was in my 30s and they look NOTHING like the new Coach bags today. I wouldn't carry most of what I see, although I do like some of the "vintage" looking stuff. The quality and design of the new styles just can't compare to the original Coach styles. Just today, I found my black Coach station bag. I have had it since my early 30s and it still looks great. It's timeless and unadorned. I used to remove the Coach keychains because I thought they looked tacky. I knew what they were -- I didn't need anyone else knowing. I still use my grey envelope briefcase from the 80s. It is a rare color that didn't hold the dye very well, but I still use it when I need a brief case.
    Now I carry LVs, Chanels, some really nice looking LAMB handbags, along with Rafes, Cole Haans, etc. It's the style and quality of the handbag that appeals to me. The timelessness of a classic Chanel flap bag or LV Alma. I'm 55, although it pains me to admit it.
  6. Well said, I agree!
  7. ~When I see a lady with a LV, I admire the bag first:shame: then I look at the lady I don't see age-I only see a person with style;)~
  8. This just perfectly sums it up and I agree 100% :yes:
  9. Let me start by saying that I'm in the older age group (41). I have a variation of LV bags Mono. Damier Vernis Epi & MC. Awhile ago someone posted on here that older ladies would be better to stay away from the MC line. I thought good God I love my black Speedy, do I look silly carrying it? This was a temporary thought. I love my Speedy and will continue to carry it. Not too long ago I saw a girl around 13/14 sitting on the brook around the corner from my house with a mono speedy and nearly had an accident. I thought to myself...could it really be?? So young with such an expensive bag (in my opinion). Anyway you look at it theres always someone who thinks someone else looks too old or too young to own a specific item. To each his the end of the day it's you who has to use it & wear it. Life is too short to worry about what others think. LV is classy & timeless in my opinion....anyone (lucky enough) can wear it beautifully!!!
  10. Well put Guilty Pleasure. Since when do LVs come with "Recommended for ages xx to xx" labels? It's not like they're hot pink micro-minis, for goodness sake!
  11. If you are already in your 20s I don't think you have to worry about people thinking you are "trying too hard to look older". I'm not sure why someone in their 20s would want to look like they are in their 30s or 40s. I'd rather look younger!

    Also, I don't mind if older women carry the same bag as me, because then I'll think, "This bag will still looks good on me when I'm 50!" Instead of thinking, "Am I too old to be carrying this? Does this look too childish?"
  12. LV is such a classic piece...that its perfect for anyone of all ages. its a worthwhile investment that has lived through for so many years.
    i wanted an lv when i was in my teens....couldnt afford it then
    i want one now in my twenties. and im sure i would want another one in my 30's, 40's and so on.....:smile:

  13. well say :smile:

    LV are for all ages :smile:
  14. I agree that there is no age limit to LV. I don't believe that there are certain styles of LV better suited for certain age groups.
  15. I am 44 years old, and I have neither thought nor worried about the bags I carry. If I like the style, I carry it.