Age for ponytail scarf

  1. I just got addicted to designer accessories and I'm loving Coach. Now I want to buy a scarf.
    Is 35 years too old for ponytail scarf? I've not worn scarves before nor did I see anyone wearing a ponytail scarf(maybe I haven't paid attention until now).

    Thanks !
  2. You're never too old for something you love! Go for it and have fun! Fashion should be fun anyway. Besides, 35 is not old----think of all the gorgeous celebrities out there that are that age and a lot older.):yes:
  3. I agree with La Pucelle! Do what makes you happiest, who cares about what anyone else has to think.

    Plus, I think a coach scarf in a ponytail would be quite cute!
  4. Thank you wonderful girls for the quick replies.
  5. never too old. it's youthful , fun, and can double as a neck scarf. love it!
  6. I think it's fine! I'm 40 and I'd wear one. I'm wanting to get one to tie on my bag and then I'll have it to wear in my hair when I want as well.
  7. never too old!

    but if you can also wear them as headbands. it's a little bit "older."
  8. ^^Agree with all of the above.
  9. I love them as headbands especially in the summer to keep my hair out of my face or to cover up a bad hair day. I am in my mid 30s too and get a lot of compliments when I wear them!