Age for designer bags?

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  1. A freind of mine was saying how her sister went and purchased 2 real LVs for her daughters. They are 7 and 11. The justification was that the kids were getting too old for tradtional toys and that she wanted to get them someting that they would treasure and use.

    I was a bit taken aback since I think this is too young for kids to have designer esp. designer like LV.

    I have a daughter who is 8 and she will be getting a smaller Tokidoki LeSportsac this Christmas. She will probably get her own coach bag for her 11th birthday. But I really can't fathom getting her a real LV. I think that if my SIL were to get her one I would recommend that she get her something else.

    I would want my child to be old enough to appreciate just how much these bags cost as well as the quality behind them. But 7? or 11 for LV? The mom (my frined) doesn't even own LV! She commented that her children will have nicer bags then she will.

    What does everyone else think?

  2. I think this is too young for kids to have designer esp. designer like LV.


    I agree with you Lara. I live in an area close to some very "well to do" areas and I often see young (7-11) year old girls with little lv demi purses, as well as other higher-end bags. Actually, I was in a Nordstroms the other week and this girl, probably about 12 or so, was with her mom at the handbag table and she picks up an Isabella Fiore that had been discounted to 300+ and goes, "oh, mom, it's Isabella Fiore, it's hot right now, and it's pretty cheap!"

    It's amazing because I'm in my 30s and just getting into designer bags and Coach is the "priciest" designer I own right now, so seeing these little girls walking around with higher end designer bags is just baffling to me. I mean, if you have that kind of money and that's what you want to do with it, that's fine, but if you start giving things like that at such a young age, where do you go from there? Just my opinion . . .
  3. im twelve and i own a few desginer bags.... i have worked hard for the money and buy them myself.....
  4. 7 and 11 is too young for LV.
  5. Ok, that's a really big can of worms you opened here with this thread.
  6. giving children (7?!) high-end designer things is a mistake, IMO. LV is too expensive. By adolescence, a little Coach or something similar wouldn't be out of line, if they understand how to care for such nice things. What is there to look forward to, if kids have everything at such a young age?

    Couture_Girl, I'm not directing this at you--if you're working to pay for your bags, I'm sure you appreciate them and care for them.
  7. A big can of worms...YES...but a valid question all the same. I think 16 is a good age to start with LV, Gucci...before 16, I think Dooney, Coach, ok. (Im sure Im going to get shot down for this ) but this is what my family did and it worked for us. Good luck! (Im 38)
  8. When I was that age, I had no desire to even carry a purse, just my wallet. It was only when I graduated from University that I first bought a purse and only in my late 20's that I even started to appreciate what a designer purse was, let alone own one.

    I also think the mom should have a nicer purse than her children. Part of the fun in growing up is looking up to your parents and seeing what rewards can come if you work hard. I just can't imagine that they would appreciate the value in the purses at such a young age...not to mention, what will she get them for their next birthday / Christmas present???
  9. Well... There are different cases... for example, my sister is only 14 years old and she already have bags from several designers like Prada, Dior, Galliano... and yes, this Christmas she will receive her first Vuitton... But she's not a regular 14th years old girl... she's very mature for her age (at least that's my opinion) and she know's the value of her bags.
    But I definetelly think that 7 and 11 years old are too young for a Vuitton especially because they didn't "asked" for the bags... it is being given to them which might make them lose the sense of value and consider it just another toy.
  10. I think it's too young, but just because they're young doesn't mean they won't learn to take care of it. I don't understand why Coach or Dooney (as some posters have said) is better. If you're not going to take care of a $600 and up bag why would you take care of a $500 and down one?
  11. 7 and 11 are way to young to have bags like LV. They might ruin it and not treat it with care. I would start them off with Coach, then when they are teens, get LV.
  12. oh no, to me.. that is definantely a little too young to start the designer bag collecting.
  13. Is a 7 year old too old for toys?? As for treasuring and knowing the value of a designer handbag when you've barely got your front teeth yet, is being a tad unrealistic and, I think, even unfair too the child...(expecing too much of her). Kids are growing up so fast these days, do we really have to push that even more..? Buy the kid a bag she can throw around a bit and really use and if it gets lost or damaged it won't be the end of the world (I think the mum will worry more than the child, when she uses her LV..)
  14. I'm 16.. i think any younger is early.
    At age 7 (or 11) I didn't give a shoot about designers and what I wore. I had an old $40 Roots backpack that I carried for years that ripped, stained, got dirty and it didn't matter.
  15. :yes: sandra:yes: very well said!