Age Discrimination

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  1. As some of you know, I'm trying to find a job in Singapore that pays me the same or slightly better than my current salary in the U.S.. A company (not consulting though) was interested in me recently. We did an interview, all went well, until they asked me my age.

    When I told them my DOB, they said they couldn't take me because I was "too old". WTH? I'm not even 30 (and 30 is not old anyway)!!! This is for a business analyst position that I'm very qualified for. I found it primitive and insulting that they would use my age against me.

    I spoke with couple of friends who are currently working in Asia and they said that apparently this is quite common in quite a lot of Asian countries, where they want you to include your photo with your resume to make sure they like how you look before they interview you, and that they tend to prefer to hire women who are "not old", which in this case, means early to mid-20s.

    Granted, this one is NOT consulting (that's my FIRST choice), but banking is my second choice (backup choice). It really concerns me that I'm at a serious disadvantage due to these unfair criterias (age and looks). Times like this makes me want to stay in the U.S. even more ...

    Another thing, what do I do when ppl ask me how much I'm making right now? I don't like to reveal it because I'm currently being paid 15K below the market rate (I came to my current job when job market was really bad, and my company is notorious for not giving raises), telling them my current salary will only put me at a disadvantage.

    I am feeling quite annoyed right now. Why in the world did my SO have to move to Asia?!!!
  2. sounds rough. sorry. i have no idea what u can do... but i do believe that there is a reason for this to be happening... it will eventually unfold one day. good luck.
  3. i never even knew about that!

    maybe it's because the younger you are, the less likely you are to have a family, b/c they see family as a hinder since you may have a "kid" emergency the same time there's an important presentation or what not?

    i know in japan (maybe not these days) but women who have kids generally quit and rely on their SO or DH to take care of them
  4. this is also common in South America--women are told to send photos with their applications! it is totally disgusting. I'm sorry that you have to go through this--good luck!!
  5. OMG that process is REVOLTING!!

    Good luck in your search for a new job, and I am so sorry that you are having to experience this:sad:

    I would suggest that you bash them in the head with one of your gorgeous Hermes bags, but would not want to subject their luscious leather to such scum!! LOL
  6. Yea, I hear China and India are the worst because of their large populations. In China, they ask for over certain height, age, weight restrictions outright on help wanted ads.
  7. Im sorry to hear that kou..but actually it IS common practice to send photos..I worked in Malaysia..that was one of my gripes about the job market there..and yes, they do ask 'personal' questions at interviews esp if you're married/ attached etc...they seem to think married women are not as committed to work as single unattached women!
    Some may be pretty concerned about women havng to take maternity leave too..there's loads I could complain about though...but hang in there! I do like that American employers seem to be more respectful and 'open'. Also, ppl making career changes in Asia (generally) seem to be frowned upon..i.e. if you're above 25 and want to do entry level into something totally different? Bound to be some looks/ comments but who cares?
    I'm sure you will find a suitable employer..don't give up just yet! In terms of pay, it's hard to compare as the living costs there may be different? (not sure exactly)
    but GOOD LUCK!!
  8. Yep if it were an American company you could sue them! I don't think if you could sue them now, but honestly it is outrageous!! You're not even 30 and 50 or 60 is supposedly the new thirty!! Thats not right!! I am sorry!
  9. Yup, unfortunately, many asian countries are like that. I had a headhunter from Asia ask for my picture and what not. On some applications, you have to show a picture, your weight and height and what not....
  10. That's unbelievable. As much as I get annoyed with restrictions placed on employers I'm kind of glad that they could never do something like that here in the US. It's insane! I'm so sorry you're having to deal with that!
  11. Singapore's like that. They're a bit...picky. I'm a singaporean myself, but I violently dislike the way the companies are ran...that's why i've decided to pursue my studies overseas!
  12. I heard about that too... I'm Asian and it totally disgusts me. What about US companies that have offices in many countries? Perhaps that would be a better option (unless you don't want to work for a HUGE corporation).
  13. Don't mean to burst anyone's bubble but most of the time, the people hiring you would be from that country. Meaning, they might still go by those standards... My friends and relatives back in the Philippines complain about this. I never got it either because if I were the employer, I'd prefer someone with alot more experience and would have alot more to contribute to the company.
  14. wow, this is the first i have heard about this. Im sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. don't worry, something will turn up for you eventually. Good Luck.
  15. I already figured that might be the case but thought I'd put it out there anyway- too bad.