Age/Date of "Les Jardiniers du Roy"

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  1. I'm new to this forum - and yes, it feels like I've found Mecca - so I hope I'm doing this correctly... I'm trying to figure out the age of one of my Hermes scarves - Les Jardiniers du Roy. I know it was first issued in 1967. How do I find out if and when it was reissued ? (It's in muted oranges, golds, tans and browns.)

    Thanks all.

  2. Welcome to the board, Moia. :smile:

    I hope that you find the scarf that you are looking
    for. :smile:
  3. Moia, that scarf is by Maurice Tranchant and was originally issued, as you said, in 1967. It has since been re-issued -- there was one done in 1984, a special issue to benefit the Princess Grace Foundation. Not sure about any other re-issues, sorry!
  4. Thanks Luvbolide. Boy, you all work fast !!! Re: the Princess Grace Foundation reissue - any special markings or colors ? I'm trying to figure out the age of the one I have.
  5. First of all, welcome to the forum.

    Second, is there any way you can take pictures of your scarf, especially closeups of any copyright symbols (if any) and caretags? That will help me greatly in dating your scarf.

    Third, no way is your carre the Princess Grace one. Sorry. It would say so on the scarf and it only came in one colorway, a pastel colorway. It had no orange in it.
  6. Actually, I already have several photos. The next test is to see if I can figure out how to upload them to this forum; I think I've got it. Dont have photos of the care tag but I'll make a point of taking some if it's significant. In any case, it says:
    SOIE 100% Silk
    [4 symbols: a washer w and X thru it, a triagle with an X thru it, , an iron, and a P in a circle which is underscored]
  7. Oops. Didn't work. I clicked "go advanced", then the "paperclip" then "upload", then sent the message. What do I need to do that I missed ?
  8. check that it was indeed uploaded? maybe the file size was too big. the error message is sometimes unnoticable.
  9. Yes, caretags are important if you wanna date a scarf. For a pictorial why, go here:
  10. Seton - Thanks, very helpful !