Age - Bag relationship

  1. Do you think there is/should be a relationship between your age and what handbag you have?

    Is there such a thing as too young (once you're an "adult") for a certain Hermes?
  2. I don't think so. It's all about how you carry a bag. I'm 24 and I want a Birkin so bad. That's really my goal at this point.
  3. once you can afford it and you love it and it looks good on you well then get it. there are no rules (well i would not get my daughter a birkin or kelly that is somehhing she should work for in any way )
    that beeing said i think i will consider myself too young for a constance really i can not get that old to like that bag
  4. long as you can afford it what does it matter they style???? If it strikes your fancy and you try it on and it looks killer on you, then go for it. I always like seeing young girls in their trendy outfits carrying a lovely Kelly. Hermes bags fit everyone and can go anywhere!
  5. I think they are all such beautifully made classics they transcend age. :girlsigh:
  6. agreed!
    but..what about..lets what age should we stop carrying hello kitty bag from Sanrio store? :rolleyes:
  7. Depends how many diamonds are on it :nuts:

    Just kidding.

    Thanks ladies. I was getting worried I was too young for a Birkin... Picotin is fine because it's a pretty little thing but the Birking is a Major Piece.
  8. LOL, Fesdu!!! There's a woman working for me who is in her mid-thirties and is crazy for anything Hello Kitty. I swear she's got every single thing Hello Kitty! Even her desk stapler! She cracks me up but she loves it!
  9. You are never as old inside as you look outside...or you are only as old as you feel! Buy what you love because it will make you feel spectacular...who cares what everyones else says???

    If I listened to everyone else, I may have never met all of you here!!!
  10. Glad you ignored them then KB! This place would not be the same without you!
  11. I've seen women in their 60s carrying Hello Kitty totes and they look fine. I've come to the conclusion that Hello Kitty is universal and age-friendly~

  12. A question : How old were you all when you got your first Kelly or Birkin, (whichever came first). ???
  13. I think I'm a late bloomer on this one. I was 27 when I got my first Hermes - Bolide, also got my 1st Kelly that year but that happened a few days after I turned 28 (it was a bday present for myself) ...
  14. I am 36 and this year I got my first Hermes, a Kelly. I don't think there is a certain appropriate age for these bags (well, I don't think anyone still in high school should have a $6,000+ bag but that is just my opinion), if you can afford it and you love it get it.
  15. NEVER!!!! :tender:
    Oh, how I wish they would make a Hello Kitty Hermes bag!!