Age Appropriate?

  1. For some reason, it just never occurred to me that I could purchase Louis Vuitton until recently. After I realized that, I realized I could purchase Hermes :nuts: (I've been spending obscene amounts of money on random junks for far too long). I am a full time college student, and only work part time for my Dad and his business. I know I can't afford a Birkin, but know that I may want one, one day; at the moment, I don't even have much of a desire for one, as I find them to be a bit inappropriate for someone my age. However, if I saved some of my funds for a year, I know that I could purchase a bag that I happen to like quite a bit, which is a Bolide, in some bright, wonderful color. Do you think this bag would be appropriate for someone my age? Or should I just stick to accessories for now, until I get a bit older? Everyone has been so helpful so far here :smile: Thanks to you guys, I have a list of Hermes accessories that I am set and ready to purchase :yes:

    People have mostly recommended that I try Chloe or Balenciaga, but I really dislike the messy appearance of those brand's bag :s I think my desire for beautiful streamlined, simple designs is what attracts me to Hermes. Of course I also like LV, because I know that I can use some of their larger bags as school/class bags, and one or two of their designs for every day wear.

    Oh and while I'm at it, someone mentioned a Forcat Lime necklace, and I plan on purchasing one! But I was hoping for something longer than a 40cm one; do they have anything longer? :heart: I wanted to be able to double wrap it around my neck, so it would be two strands laying at the base of my neck :yes:

    Thank you for any answers, and I apologize for asking a number of questions! I'm trying to learn quickly, I promise!! :sweatdrop:
  2. There is no age requirement to carry a Hermes bag. I think if your heart wants one then get one. A bolide would be a perfect introduction into the world of Hermes bags. Good luck!
  3. I tried on the Bolide for the first time yesterday and I love it. Try one one and see if you like the 'fit'. It is a very 'grown up' chic bag.
  4. I don't think there is an age requirement for a Hermes bag. I agree with Baggaholic. I see women of all ages, shapes and sizes in NYC carrying bags anyone form a twenty year old to an eighty year old and everyone looks great with one on. I think its about what you wear with it and how you accessorize it! A bolide is great but I think you can catch some great deals online. You can also get a bright color like blue jean or orange. Good luck. Its definitely a bag that will last you forever.
  5. I think it depends on where you wear your bags. Even at 35, I find wearing a Birkin obnoxious in some circles and will not. You need variety for this reason. I don't need to flash my LV"s around for that matter when I am in a place where I wish to be low key. Being flashy is not good in many places, one needs to know where and when,imo.
  6. I'm 28, and I'm still finding that I don't see too many people my age with one.

    No age requirement, but if most people in your circle aren't used to seeing such expensive bags, be prepared for the questions.
  7. BTW, the Bolide is a gorgeous bag! I'm looking into getting one myself someday.
  8. I think a Bolide would be a perfect introduction to Hermes and quite age appropriate for you......A Bolide spans all ages, NEEYA. I'm 50 this year and have one. I think in a wonderful color/leather (Blue Jean/Togo comes to mind) it would be fantastic!!!!
  9. Hi Neeya, I'm a University student as well. And your thought is very much similar to mine (I don't own any Hermes item yet, but would definitely want one when I earn some money.. mods.. please don't kick me out cos of not having any Hermes :sad: ). Like everyone has mentioned, Birkin is one bag that lasts a lifetime. Looks good on anyone and for any age.

    Bolide would be a nice option too! If I may, I'd like to suggest the Picotin. I personally would love to own one for my current age. It does look unusual (but in a good way) and its uniqueness is what I truly adore. It looks chich for everyday wear.

    All the best!
  10. The Bolide in a bright, fun color would be perfect on you!
  11. I got my first Hermes, a Kelly, the very next day I turned 22.
  12. Another option to explore is the Evelyne and/or Vespa, in a beautiful bright colour.
    I find them super fresh - youthful designs and I think they would suit your age perfectly!

    I also agree with hermes_drooler 's suggestion on the Picotin. It's lovely!
  13. Of course! Hermes is for any age, I think. I'm 24 soooo :p
  14. I think the Bolide in a fun color in Clemence (so it's squishy) would be great. Also agree with the Evelyne and Picotin. I have both and they are so much fun!
    eve1.jpg picotin4.jpg
  15. I feel if the bolide is a bag you love and you have the desire to carry it and know that you all means purchase it!